An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Doll Kitchen Review (OG) Part 1

For Christmas, my dolls and I received an Our Generation kitchen. The dolls were so excited to add it to their homes, and I was SO happy to get it. It has showed up in one of my photo stories already (Payton & Shola Bake Cookies).
I decided that I would give everyone a review on this awesome set, just so you can see the different features, and maybe decide if it is something you want to save up for.
I split this into two or three parts. Today is going to be part one, just showing you the basic features of the two main pieces of furniture: the fridge, and the kitchen itself.
Here is a picture of the whole entire set. The fridge separates from the main kitchen island, so you can really arrange this set however you'd like. I'd also like to point out that the OG kitchen set comes in a few different varieties of colors. I just happened to get the red one for Christmas (though it is my favorite one out of the selections anyway).

First up is the microwave. I love this! The buttons on the side are so realistic, and I live the little handle. It's really cute.

This is the inside. It is bigger than it looks in this picture, and can fit a big plate in it (a doll plate, not a human plate). As you can see, that little peg on the side is where the microwave locks and closes to make it realistic. All the open & close features on this set have that. 

Then, the stove top burners are ADORABLE! The burners are really raised up and feel like real metal (it might even be real metal, I'm not really sure), and can fit the pots and pans that come with this set.

Then, here is the backsplash. I think this pattern is really cute, and I like how it is cute into little squares and put on the wall, just like real backsplash!

This is the clock, I think. It is cute, but I think that they could've done a more realistic one. It is cute though, and a good addition to the set.

What really surprised me is that the clock opens up into this circular cabinet type thing, which made me wonder if it was a clock or not. I don't know what I'm going to store in this cabinet yet, or what is even meant to be stored in there, so if you have ideas, please let me know in the comments section!

Separating the sink and stove, are three small square storage shelves. They are cute, but are hard to use, because I tried storing the salt & pepper shakers in there and they would slide out. So, I don't think my storage shelves are completely level and flat. Or maybe they are just for show/decoration. 

Then, above the sink are these two cute shelves with a small railing. They are great for storage and don't take up a ton of room. I really like them.

The sink is really cute, and big enough to fit dishes inside of it. The hot and cold levers actually move if you pull them, and the faucet can move around too.

Now, for the oven (which is below the stove). I love the little timer/heat setting knobs, they are such a cute addition. They actually turn around to different settings, and are completely cute. The outside of the oven is cute as well.

This is the inside of the oven! It has a little rack, and the rack can come in and out so that the dolls can clean it off.

Underneath the stove is the heating cabinet thing where you keep already made food warm. I really like this feature in the kitchen.

Then, there is the dishwasher. There is a settings sticker on it, that the dolls can press to turn the dishwasher to different settings.

Inside, there are three loading racks for the dishes to wash on. You can take any of them out, and rearrange them however you'd like. The dishes really do fit in there.
In between the oven & dishwasher is a small little cabinet. It is cute.

But when you look inside, you will probably have trouble finding something to put in there. XD The salt and pepper shakers fit I'm pretty sure. The compartment is really cool, and I'm sure there will be plenty of surprises hidden in there soon.

Now, we are moving onto the fridge! First, the fridge has one of those dispensers that lets water out. Those things are so cool! The cups fit pretty well in this thing, but I wish the little lever to have the water come out could really be pushed back or something.

The inside of the fridge is SOOOO spacious. There are tons of drawers, side compartments and great spaces for just storing food.

Then, in the freezer, it is pretty spacious too. I don't have a lot of food that can go in a freezer for my dolls, but I'll make some frozen foods for them soon!
Well, that's the end of part 1! Part 2 will feature all the little awesome accessories this kitchen came with! I will hopefully have it up sometime this week.

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  1. Congrats on getting the OG Kitchen! I really want it but I'm not sure if I can afford it cuz I'm saving up for another doll!! Look forward to seeing many photo stories.