An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Thursday, February 13, 2014

New AG Releases!!!!!


As some of us have been anticipating, and waiting for, AG just released some new items! They did a lot of Historical Girl stuff, which I was very happy about. (I also liked the MAG stuff too)
Here are all my thoughts on the wonderful new products (we'll be starting with the Historical Doll stuff first):
Kaya's Jingle Dress of Today
I really like this dress, I think it is cute, and is definitely an interesting addition to Kaya's world. However, I wish they would create a more historical dress for her, rather than a "dress of today". I guess they do this so that if anyone who is also of that culture gets to have a matching dress with Kaya, but I wish they would focus more on the more historical outfits rather than the "Today Outfits" The little drum and mallet is a cute, creative addition. I think it definitely shows a lot of culture. However, I don't see how they can get away with pricing this at $64. I don't see anything about it that would make it cost more than a normal outfit.
Julie's Groovy Dance Set - $64
I really like this set, when I saw it I nearly screamed! I really like the dress, and I also think the boots are cute too. The Groovy Dance Poster is cute, and definitely creative, and the little ticket is a great extra thought as well. The disco ball is cute, but I don't see what you can really do with it, but it is a Disco Dance, so it makes sense. It is a bit pricy though.
Julie's Hairstyling Set - $24
I think this set is the cutest! I love the yellow coloring (it's one of my favorites and fits so perfectly with Julie's era). The hair dryer is awesome, and the bows are cute too (they are nothing spectacular though, IMO, and I think they would've looked better with Ivy's Rainbow Romper). The price for this set is WAY over priced. But I don't think that'll stop me from buying it. XD
Kit's Candy-Making Set - $64
I think this set is okay. It doesn't really seem to fit in with Kit's personality, her collection, her books, or anything. Kit never really shows a big love for sweets, and she certainly doesn't show a big love for frilly pink dresses - which, nowadays, is pretty much all that her collection consists of. I like the shoes, and the dress, I must admit, is cute, but it just doesn't belong on Kit. The candy making stuff is cute as well, and is great if you want food for your dolls. But like I said, this set is just NOT for Kit at all. I would've rather them of brought back Kit's Overalls. Also, what's up with the $64? I guess we shouldn't have complained about the high prices for all of Isabelle's stuff.
Kit's Hairstyling Set - $12
I love the barrettes in this set, especially the little dog barrette (or is it a lion?). The vintage card is definitely a cute and historic add on. This set really screams Kit to me, which is what I'm looking for, so I'm overall very happy with the set, except for the one tiny fact that I find it hard to get past....$12!! Really? $12 for 4 barrettes? I can buy a pack of almost-as-cute ones at a dollar store for $1 (or maybe $2). Gosh, if they would've stuck to what the card says (20 cents for the set) then I'm sure that they'd have a great profit from it - then it'd be a good deal. Even $3 would've been good. But then again, shipping may have cost more than the product, which could drive people away.
Caroline's Hairstyling Set - $18
This set is cute enough, but the hair clip doesn't really scream Caroline to me. I don't know, just for some reason I can't get over something about it, and I don't know what. It is kind of cute though.
Addy's Hairstyling Set - $22
This set is cute, it is overpriced, but still cute. The snood is cute, the hairpiece is especially great, considering that I've heard that Addy's hair is pretty hard to manage. The bow and cameo are cute, but it like I said before, is overpriced.
Rebecca's School Play Set - $64
I think this set would make a great princess/play costume, and I like all the little accessories! However, I think it is sort of over the top. However, a lot of Rebecca's clothing is. It is all still beautiful though, and this dress is really growing on me.
Rebecca's Hairstyling Set - $20
I like this set a lot. The bow is adorable, the hair iron is so cute, and the comb is a nice, fancy touch as well. The set isn't that overpriced IMO for some reason. I love this set!
Rainy Day Outfit for Dolls - $58 (including umbrella and boots)
I love this set!!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! The coat is adorable, the boots are pretty cute (I'm not a fan of the white bows on them), and the umbrella is amazing, and just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. I wonder if it is bad luck to open that umbrella inside? XD
Double Bow Dress - $30
This dress is cute. I'm not really super excited about it. It's one of those outfits that I don't dislike, but I don't necessarily want. It's cute, but it is just a headband, dress, and shoes, I don't see why it is $30.
Egg Decorating Set - $32
This set is cute, and I like the little egg dryer thing with the rabbit on it, and the egg carton is cute, and it is all just so realistic. I like it, but I don't see myself getting it in the future.
Happy Birthday Set - $48
I think this set is cute. It is perfect for birthday gifts, and it is cute, but still plain enough to not be over the top, and the skirt is great for everyday casual and sort of dressy clothing. The accessories are cute, and the stick on birthstone earrings idea is a great one. The card and box are cute, but I'm pretty sure that the main attraction in the accessories, to most, would be the tiara. I probably won't be getting this outfit, but it is still cute, and I have a feeling it'll be a great seller.
Dining Table 7 Chairs - $95
This set is cute, and I think that I like it better than the old table and chairs set. I especially like how the sett is a pale blue and white base. I kind of wish that for nearly $100, they would've included some sort of accessories or something, but I guess they thought they'd make more money if they sold all that separately. I really like this set though, and see myself getting it in the future.
Table Accessories - $34
I like how they are selling two chairs for only $34. It's great for people who just want to get a few chairs for their dolls. I really like the napkin holder, and little salt and pepper accessories. It is very cute. The table spinner is a creative idea. I can see myself getting this even if I don't get the table set.
Floral Swim Outfit & Gear - $62
I like how they give a terry cloth cover up and a bathing suit. Finally, they are giving cover ups to the dolls! (I know they have the sarong and stuff, but those terry cloth cover ups remind me of stuff I wear in the summer). The snorkel accessories are AWESOME but I wish that the doll could be put in the water. Still, I will hopefully be getting this set and it is at the top of my wish list.
Tortoise Shell sunglasses - $10
I love these sunglasses so much. They are so "movie star" type, and are pretty cool for the doll that likes to be all stylish. XD I will possibly by these (but I am terrible with AG glasses, if they get in sight of me, it's disaster zone - losing them, kneeling on them, etc. XD)
Those are all the things I'm reviewing for now. I'll review all the books and stuff after I read them! (I am hopefully getting the new Kit mystery on my Kindle)


  1. Thanks for posting this!:) IDK why, but I feel I should thank you. I guess I just really enjoyed reading it.:) It's kinda funny, because everyone else seems to like the parts of this release that i don't, but you basically said exactly what i think.:) Is julie's your favorite of the new historical sets? It's my favorite. I love the '70s and bright colors.:)

  2. Hi Nikki! :)
    I'm glad that you enjoyed reading it, that is so great to hear, and that made my day! :)
    Julie's releases are definitely my favorites, for a few reasons. I love the bright colors and '70s too, and I also think that the releases for her collection really represented her the most, and they actually looked like something Julie would wear/use.
    Thank you for commenting! :)

  3. I'm glad it made you day.:)
    Yeah, I really agree with that.;)