An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Doll Clothes Idea & Outfit of the Day! #1

I decided to start a new thing where I did a doll clothes idea of the day, and I also would show you a outfit that I created from all my existing doll clothes. The idea is to hope that you guys get some cool doll clothes outfit ideas and stuff like that!
I might not be able to do it everyday of course, but I'll do it on days that I can.
Our model today is going to be Molly!
Here is Doll Clothes Idea/Tip #1: So, a lot of people, I know, like to create different outfits out of outfits they already own. To make it even more unique, here's what I do, I put out a couple skirts/pants, a few tops, shoes, and tights/socks (if I am using flip flops, I will, of course, not use these). I close my eyes (or look away), and pick one thing out of each pile. I don't really know what I am picking, but once I look back around, I always have a full outfit, that probably wouldn't look like it would go together at first, but it ends up being REALLY cute (most of the time). This is such a fun way to experiment and find new outfit combinations you would never think of!

Here is the outfit I ended up with when I tried this! I wouldn't really of thought of putting those together probably, but once I did, it was REALLY cute (IMO).
This outfit is made up of:
Shirt = Everyday Play Jumper (I think that is what it is called - it is the blue jumper and boots)
Skirt: AGP Exclusive (I think it is)
Tights: Julie's Calico Dress outfit
Sandals: Lanie's Butterfly Outfit (the orange and reddish dress)
Here it is against a different background (I didn't think it showed up so well against the white wall.)
Cute feet! I really like this combination and I almost don't want to take her out of it! I also tried this combination on with one of the AGP red exclusive shirts that says the store's name on it.
Cute bubble skirt (I think it's called a bubble skirt)
Cute shirt! This shirt looks great with everything!
More feet! I love it! XD
Lastly, a picture of Molly. I showed it at the beginning of the post, so I decided to end the post with this picture too!
I also decided to end it with this small announcement: I should be posting much more because I came up with a new system that you guys might be interested in hearing about. Here it is:  Every time I have a good chunk of time to get on my blog, I'll upload a bunch of posts and just keep them in draft. Every time I have only a few minutes, I'll just get on here and click "publish" on the drafts. That way, you guys can read a post even when I don't have time to write one! So, expect a lot of posts more frequently.
Tell me what you think of this new Doll Clothes Idea & Outfit of the Day thing? I'm excited to hear! Also, if you have pictures of your dolls in similar outfits, I'd love to see them!

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  1. Cute! I try to do the same thing with my blog, but I'll often end up just browsing other people's blog ;)