An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Saige Mini Doll!

I got the Saige Mini Doll around August, and I took a few photos for a post on it, and I never put them up! I know it is a little late, and the Isabelle doll is already out, but, I figured they were so cute that I'd post them anyway and do a quick review on her.
Saige in her box (I had just bought her from Barnes & Noble). Jasmine, the girl I chose to give her to, is so excited (the other dolls are excited too, because Jasmine shares with them).

Jasmine saw the box sitting by the bed and she quickly picked it up.

"Oh wow!" Jasmine exclaimed. The most exciting thing was seeing that face looking out the window of the box!

Slowly, she opened the box (which was actually considerably hard to get open!)

Jasmine gasped when she opened it. She had her very own Saige doll to play with and love. She also had a great book - it was perfect for the next book report she'd have to do for school!

Jasmine picked up the book. The cover was so interesting. A girl with a horse! The best thing was that the girl with the horse was the same girl sitting right there on her bed.

Jasmine set the book down carefully so she didn't bend it, and she reached for Jasmine, who wasn't even tied into the box, and very simple to get out (I guess to make up for the hard to open box! XD)

Jasmine took her out and held her for a picture with the camera. Saige was beautiful and so cute.

My Review: Saige looked so much like her 18 in. doll look alike. Her hair is sort of fly-away sometimes, (I've taken the braid out since then), and the hair has a sort of strange hairspray like texture, which I was a little surprised about.
Her clothes are cute though, and overall, I really, really, love her (and all my dolls do too).

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