An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Spring Releases!

Hey everyone, AG got a ton of new releases and some of you probably already know, but for those of you who don't, I'll show what they came out with!
All the new things are cool and I can't pick a favorite, show all just show it all!
Yes, Molly got some new pajamas. I recently got Molly (about a year ago), and I have been wanting to get her pajamas ever since. I was at first disappointed when they took away those cute red striped pjs, but now I really like these. They look great on Molly!
Molly got a new bed too! I hadn't been that big a fan of her old bed, since I thought it was too plain, but I really like this new bed! The yellow is really nice, and it is something that would've been in a house from the 40's.
Caroline got a new outfit!! This outfit is SOO CUTE!! It would be great for my Little House on the Prairie Photo Stories, and I will definitley be getting this outfit!
Caroline also got some more accessories! She got this cute calf Garnet! This would be another good thing for my Little House Photo Stories.
This is the new Easy Breezy Outfit!! I love every part of the outfit, but I especially like the shoes! They go great with the outfit, and I have no shoes like that for my dolls!
This is the new Plaid Party Dress! It is pretty cute, but I sort of think it looks a little like that Pretty Plaid Outfit (is that what it is called?). I really like plaid, so I may or may not get this dress. I really like the hair clip!
Here is this Sweet Spring Dress! I really like this new dress. The dress is adorable, and I love the shoes. They look like ballet slippers, only they aren't. The dress looks great, and I like the length. It is not too short and not too long. I also really like the hair clip.
This is the new Lots of Dots Bath Wrap!  I like this dress and I think it would be cool for doing a summertime photoshoot! The slipper/flip-flops are really cool too! The dress is cute, but it looks a little short on the dolls. I guess it supposed to be more of a bath wrap though. It also looks a little square for some reason, but it is still really cute and I think that I might get it!
Here is the Cycling Outfit! This outfit is really cute, and I think it would be a cool outfit to own! It has really cool shoes and I like the jacket.
This is one of the coolest things ever! The Trail Bike! It is so cool, and I think that I like it even more then Julie's bike! It is actually just $100. That is a lot of money, but I would've thought that they would sell this bike for something in $200 - $250 price range.
Here is the pet trailer that can attach to the back of the bike. I don't know if you can fit more then one pet or not. I really want the whole bike set.
 This Pet Birthday Party Set is really cute, and I think it would be fun to have. I LOVE the cake, and I am totally into dogs, so this set is pretty cool! I love how it comes with a party hat for the dogs, though i think that it should've come with at least two party hats. However, the set is $20, which is a lot, but not for American Girl Accessories.
 This is the new Doll Boutique and it looks really cool. I like to get these kind of American Girl Craft Book/Kit things, so I will hopefully be getting this one. So far I have the Doll School one and the AG craft/making things for your dolls one. They are both really cool!
 I think that this Stitch and Send Craft set is pretty cute. It is nice but I don't fully actually understand what you do with the stitch and send activities, so I will have to buy it to really figure it out I guess.
 They came out with a first ever mystery for Caroline! I can't wait to read it. It is about the time when Caroline hears that there may be British spies lurking in Sackets Harbor, so Caroline gets worried. Then her papa's old friend shows up and lots of things begin to go wrong in the Shipyard. Who could be causing all this trouble? Workers that she trusts, or Papa's friend?
 I really like Julie mysteries, so I will be getting this one from a local library or bookstore really soon! It is about a time when Julie is really excited to take care of Lucy the talking parrot while Ivy is on vacation. But then, Julie starts having trouble adding on the responsibilities of having to take care of a parrot, and it is becoming more then she can handle. Then Julie discovers that an old friend is hiding secrets from her, and things begin to go wrong. What is going on?
There are also many more new spring release things that I will show you later!
By the way, the Valentine's Day post deadline was today, and results will be up either today or tomorrow! Thanks!

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