An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Monday, February 4, 2013

Jasamine and Kirsten to the Rescue Part 1

One day, Jasmine and Kirsten were walking home from school late. They had both gone to art club, so all their friends were already at American Girl Farms since they didn't go to Art Club.
"Art club sure was fun!" Kirsten said thinking of her awesome craft she was making.
"I know," thought Jasmine. She was making posters for the Recycling Team.
"The thing that got on my nerves was that my friend Hailey was trying to text on her new friend while I was telling her a story, and then...." Kirsten said trying to tell Jasmine about her day.
"Shhh, I hear a dog barking!" Jasmine was a true animal lover and she was always looking for the chance to help dogs, cats, horses, and even rabbits.
The girls set off in the direction of the barking.
A small West Highland White Terrier was standing among the rocky path barking up at the tree and the girls.
A cute little Tuxedo cat was high up in the tree looking up at the sky and silently licking her paw.
She didn't seem to mind being up there, but the girls thought that they should take an effort to save her.
Jasmine climbed higher and higher up the tree, until she could almost reach out and grab the cat!
Soon, Jasmine had reached the cute kitty, and she hesitantly began to grab the kitty into her arms.
By the time that Jasmine was almost to the bottom of the tree, her hat had fallen off and she had almost dropped the kitty twice. It was hard climbing while carrying a cat!
Soon, the kitty was safe in Jasmine and Kirsten's arms. Wait to see what happens next, in Part 2 coming out Tuesday or Wednesday.

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