An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jasamine's Sickness :(

Today, Jasmine wasn't getting up even though it was 9:00 in the morning and she had missed her and Elizabeth's daily morning horse run.
"Wake up Jasmine! You slept so late you missed our morning horse run! I sure did miss you when I had to ride by myself! Are you alright?" Samantha asked as she tried to pull the covers from around Jasmine's body.
"I don't know Samantha, I don't feel so good. My body feels all wobbly. I might have trouble standing up. I have a bad headache and I feel really hot. I think I might be sick," said Jasmine quietly.

"I better go call the doctor! I hope Dr. Rosendale is able to make house calls!" Samantha was trying not to be frantic, but trying not to be just made her seem more worried.
Soon, Dr. Rosendale was checking Jasamine.
"It seems to me that it might be more then a cold, I think she might have come down with a horrible case of the flu," Dr. Rosendale said with a hint of worry.
"Dr. Rosendale, is everything going to be alright, what should I do?" Samantha asked worriedly. 

"Well, make sure that you wash your hands so that you don't get sick, give plenty of cold liquids, make sure she stays in bed for about two days and I should be back to check on her. Give her any foods or things she wants. But I mean for you to follow these instructions very carefully or else it could get worse and turn into pneumonia," Dr. Rosendale said. 
"Thank you doctor," said Samantha quietly. Samantha was worried for her friend, and she couldn't imagine if the flu turned into pneumonia.
Samantha went to go make breakfast with all the other girls that were sitting in the kitchen. Jasmine just tried her best to fall asleep, but she felt so hot and sick. Dr. Rosendale had said her fever was very bad and they should try to bring it down. 
Jasamine's mom did come in and bring her some things, but then she had to leave for a buisness trip.
Licorice was there to keep her company.
"Is there any thing any of us can get you for breakfast, or maybe something to play with. Do you want your Molly doll?"
"No thanks Lissie, but I might take some food or something," Jasmine was losing her voice and she was acting very sick. 
Felicity sat down with a pad of paper and pencil and she began to take Jasmine's orders.
"I think that I'll take a cool strawberry drink that Samantha loves making, and I think I might want to watch a movie, maybe I'll take some popcorn too," Jasmine spoke slowly and then finally she leaned back and waited as Felicity began to get her some things.
Soon, Jasmine had all of her things she had ordered and she was starting her road to recovery. She had her strawberry drink with extra ice to bring the fever down, a bowl of buttery popcorn to help her feel full, and a movie that was playing on Lanie's laptop that was sitting on Kit's desk chair. 
Then, Felicity came to give Jasmine a break, and to deliver some special orders from Dr. Rosendale.
Later in the day, Jasmine was starting to feel a tiny bit better, but she is still very sick.

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