An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beforever release Part #2

Here's Part 2! (Sorry if some of it is harsh - I can be opinionated sometimes XD :) )
Addy's School Outfit $34
I think this outfit is sort of cute. I like how it was at least thought out nicely and not just thrown together. It actually has detail and is refined. However, I just don't like all the colors together in particular, but it may grow on me. Did she steal this from Harriet or whatever that snooty girl in her class's name was? Or did she borrow from Cecile's wardrobe again. I guess we'll never know.
Addy's Lunch Set $28
I LOVE this set! The little tin is so realistic, and I like the cookies. The meat pie reminds me of Josefina for some reason, like, her empanadas or whatever they are called? The grapes are nice and overall this set is so simple yet so beautiful and elegant that I just want to buy it!!! XD
Addy's Accessories $24
The bonnet is nearly the same and I actually really like it. The necklace is nice and such a nice part of her story in the beginning. The patchwork bag is very realistic, I think, and overall the set is really cute.
Addy's Meet Outfit $36
I do NOT like this dress. I just don't know why. Maybe it's the bows on the shoulders, I don't know. All I know is that so far, I am pretty disappointed with this outfit! I get that it isn't supposed to be a slave outfit and that it was received after she was in freedom, but someone taking them in wouldn't just give over a dress like this I don't think. It is too new - too fancy. Did Cecile Rey happen to live in the house Addy came to for her first night in freedom? Her old pink, weathered dress didn't symbolize "rags to riches", it symbolized, "rags to having to work for freedom." I don't think that a quaker (is that what the slave helpers were called, I forget?) would be able to give away a dress like this!
I'm no historian though, so don't quote me on this stuff. XD

Caroline's Table & Treats $150
Can I say how much I do NOT like this? They are trying to pass off all of MG & Cecile's stuff onto all the other characters and I'm getting sick of it. First, we have the Crinoline & Chemise now being sold with Addy, next we have the nearly same banquet table being passed off as Caroline's? The next thing we know, Julie's going to find a dog and name it Argos!
Why do they have to redo things like this - things that were just not good sellers? I thought they would've learned their lesson. I guess not. Oh well, at least the table cloth is pretty.
Caroline's Party Dress $36
I don't like this outfit at all! DISLIKE! The fabric is really cheap looking - most shiny fabrics like that can be. I bet it feels all crinkly and gross, and nearly blinds you in sun, but anyway...I do not think that this is as good as Caroline's old blue party dress. That was actually more of a authentic, historically accurate item and now we have MG & Cecile taking over yet another doll's wardrobe once again. Help us! The shoes are not that great and the crisscross strap thing makes her look like a ballerina, which I can assure you, Caroline was NOT.
The headband and gloves are the only acceptable parts of the outfit, IMO.
Caroline's Inspired outfit $118 (pieces can be sold separately)
I do NOT like this "Caroline inspired" outfit. We read a book about hardships and war and boating, and then we are led to believe that this mall outfit is inspired by all of that? I mean, I'm sure it is a cute everyday outfit, but there is no way that this could be Caroline inspired!
They claim (their words): "This outfit evokes Caroline's love for sailing, but features modern details that girls will love."
This outfit does NOT in any way, shape or form evoke sailing - or a real sailing. Maybe posh sailing, but not the real hardcore stuff they did back in those days. I nearly live on a sailboat in the summer and my grandparents practically own half a shipyard! I've been sailing forever, so I should know! I've been on long sailing trips too, and this outfit is just not something you would wear on a sailing trip.
First off, you do NOT wear sandals on a boat - especially not gladiator sandals. You should wear sneakers. Look at how much of her chest is showing! Even with sunscreen on, it isn't good to expose that much to the sun! And leggings - you need pants that breathe - like light khakis or something. The jacket is just all kinds of wrong for sailing, I think, so I'm not even goin' there......It's not the worst outfit though, and I like Caroline's story so I'm not going to rant about her stuff anymore. But still, I wish they would just keep Caroline the way she was really meant to be kept.
Rant over. XD
Josefina Inspired Outfit - $52
Now while the dress is a bit short (IMO), I think that this really does show a good Mexico/New Mexico outfit and I absolutely like this outfit for real. I am glad that they preserved at least one of the historical character's dignities in the girl versions of the outfit. Just don't get bitten by a rattlesnake with all that leg showing. Oh, and try not to go out in public with out leggings.
 Poor Josie got nothing except for a new meet outfit that is so similar to her old one that it isn't even worth reviewing.
Kaya's Pow-wow of Today Set - $18
Yay! Kaya get's a hair set! However, I feel like they really need to get some more historical items for her - the stuff of "today" is just too much. I think they need to stop with all of the "today" stuff and actually get some more of Kaya's authentic outfits. If they are going to keep up the "today" stuff, then we may as well put it in the MAG section! Oh well, I guess it is nice for all of the children that are of her culture to dress identical to her doll, but I wish they would do some historic stuff.
Her meet outfit is nearly the same, so I'm not even going to review it.
Kit's Accessories $24
The hat is pretty much the one that came with the School Skirt Set, and I own that hat, so I'm not too worried about it in this review. It is nice, and I think it is a cute addition, because it was a popular 30s hat. I like the cuff bracelet, but it looks really plastic. Of course, the handbag/wallet is almost the same thing, so nothin' new there!
Kit's Meet Outfit - $36
I do not think that this outfit is that historically accurate. The flower stuff at the bottom isn't really 30s' to me, and the teal color, while it could've been around back then (it was I'm sure) just wasn't a popular color. I feel like they used more full floral prints and softer pastel colors.It's a nice dress though, but I don't want it at the moment.
Kit's Reporter Dress $28
I really like this dress and I REALLY want it! It is definitely historically accurate, because if you've ever watched the Waltons, I think there is a dress on there that Elizabeth wears that is similar to this. I am in love!
Kit's Photographer Outfit $34
No. Just No.
The dress (I think someone on Living a Doll's life said this as well) looks like it could be from Gymboree or another modern clothing store. It is just too silly looking for me and I will NOT be buying it.
Kit isn't meant for dresses like these. The sweater is okay though.
Rebecca's Accessories $24
This set is okay. The hat is big and bold, just like her and the little purse is a cute addition and I can see her with something like this. The necklace is a cute but unnecessary touch. Overall, it's alright. Nothing special though and way too over the top for me.
Rebecca's Director Set $75
I don't see Rebecca in this, and it all looks a bit too "fake" if you know what I mean, but I do like it. I think it would be cute to have in photo stories and I really want some of the pieces from this set (the chair for example). The little title cards look like things that I would lose in an instant, but while I can't see this as a Rebecca set (I see it more as an MAG set), I can't help wanting it a little bit!
Rebecca's Teatime Traditions Set $68
I like this set and I really want it. I feel like the little tea set with the glasses and tea pot is so cute and I love the food. The tea box I'm sure is just cheap cardboard, but the bread and fruit tart are really cute and I want them! They look delicious! The candlesticks are a great touch too! I love AG candlesticks - they feel real!

Rebecca's Holiday Set $34
I do not like this dress for what they want it to be used for. This, for Hanukkah is just not right. Can you imagine a New York City winter while being dressed in this? Well, with the lack of medicine back then, let's just say that Rebecca might not of survived the winter season wearing this thing around the drafty apartments or outside. Are they trying to kill off a character, here? Geesh. I like it for a summer dress though, so I will probably buy it. 
Samantha's Meet Outfit - $36
I have to say, I am and was really excited for the rerelease of Samantha. This dress is just, well, not good. It is not her era - it is, IMO too short in both the length and the sleeves and I just don't like it and I will not ever imagine Samantha actually wearing this.
Samantha's Accessories - $24
I like the purse and locket, but I have problems with the headband. It looks like she's a candy cane dancer or something. Someone try and tell me that doesn't look like a peppermint in a Christmas play? The headband is just so laughable and silly that I can't believe they even dared to put this out there with a serious face. As far as I know, Samantha wasn't a walking peppermint from a Christmas pageant everyday of her life, but how do we really know? AG knows something we don't.
Samantha's Ice Cream Parlor - $300
At a whopping $300, I must say, you do get a lot of things - including an amazing old fashioned cash register. But $300 is just TOOOOOO much for a toy. It's crazy! I just don't even know what to think. I like it, but I just...well, the price is so stunning....I just don't know...I think I'm overwhelmed.
Samantha's Bicycling Outfit - $34
I do NOT like this outfit. It just isn't nice compared to Samantha's old, quality bicycling outfit. The shoes are okay, but the pants just look thin and cheap and the shirt is too puffy sleeved and it looks like something out of Julie's time. The hat is okay, but wouldn't a hat like that fly right off while biking? I do NOT like this outfit. Why would she wear a hat with no straps while biking. I am beginning to think AG just through together Samantha's release because they were sick of people begging for her to come back and figured they'd make more money if they brought her back.
Samantha's Bicycle $115
I do NOT like this set. The bicycle looks as modern as the ones today, which is fine, but I liked Samantha's old velocipede thing she had. It was just so nice and so historical. Now we have an MAG bike trying to be passed off as a 1904 bike. It does have a historical feature or two, but not enough to make it Samantha's actual bike!
Samantha's Dog Jip $22
I like this dog, but Jip is rarely in any of the books to start with, so I think this was a waste. But he's cute. I like the old Jip better though.
Samantha's Nightgown $24
No. Just no. Just no once again. Why must they do this to poor Samantha? This nightgown is no where near as nice as Samantha's old one. Her old one was actually historically accurate. This one is NOT. They need to really just bring back all of her old stuff. Her old one showcased her as the Victorian/Edwardian beauty that she was. This gown is just a plain and simple after thought.
Samantha's Frilly Frock $36
The dress is okay, I'm not a lace person, but it is sort of historically accurate, so we do have to give them credit. The hairbow and tights are okay too, but the shoes, don't even get me started. Should I really go there? NO I shouldn't. But will I anyway? Yes.
The shoes look crazy. Who is she now? Techno-girl placed in 1904? The shininess of her boots make her look like a just landed shiny alien or a girl from 2014 (too many similarities these days when it comes to some girls - kind of hard to tell). They are crazy boots! Do they realize that they are practically throwing their best money maker to the dogs?
Samantha's Holiday Set $64
Now here's the Samantha I know and love! This dress is so cute on her and the little tea set is a bit out of place, but they needed to make it over $50 or else it wouldn't be worth it to them, so I'm sure at the last minute they threw on a tea set. It's really cute and I'd love to get it!
Samantha's Fancy Coat Set $34
I like this coat a lot. It is actually historically accurate and she looks prepared for the winter in New York unlike Rebecca and her crazy Hanukkah outfit. I want this set so bad!
Samantha's Bedtime Accessories Set - $44
I LOVE this set. I NEED this set. Did I say I loved this set? XD
This set is so cool and I hope to get it. Now this set really showcases what Samantha really is like - she isn't an alien with shining shoes and she isn't a 2014 girl with a bike. She's a 1904 girl enjoying the (then) new Wizard of Oz book and her teddy bear.
The Lacy Parasol - $22
This is disgusting me already. Heavens help us! MG & Cecile have pried their way through yet another doll's world/collection. Before I start another rant, let's just say...enough said.
Samantha's Bed - $150
I love this bed. It does look a little plastic around the frame, but it is supposedly wood, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. It somewhat resembles her old bed and I really like this one though I don't like it enough to purchase it.
Well, it looks like I've reviewed nearly everything. Here, let's sum it up.
There are a lot of nice Beforever things. But there are some bad ones too. Josefina and Kaya are neglected, Addy has turned into Cecile's long lost sister, Samantha's gone to the dogs, and Rebecca's going to catch a cold or the flu if she dares to wear that dress in a winter setting.
I actually really do like Beforever! YAY for Beforever! I certainly am excited for what the future holds.


  1. Thanks for posting these. I love Samantha.I an so glad they have her bake.

  2. I guess we will wait to see what project runway does in two weeks. Some things I like others not so much. I will look at old family pictures so I can check some out. I have aunts who have clothes from the 30s & pictures. As for the bike I need to do more research for it & the purple shoes. If I bought Addy I would remove the bows. Maybe the family who took her in had a daughter like Nellie Olsen & gave her clothes to Addy. I may make up my own stories for the historical dolls.