An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beforever Book from Barnes & Noble: A Brighter Tomorrow; My Journey with Julie

Today I had the chance to go out to Barnes and Noble and check out the new BeForever books that are stocked up there. I heard about the early release of these books from a great blog I like to look at/read: Living a Doll's Life (
At my B&N, they only had Kit & Julie's books, but those two are my favorite characters anyway, so I was really excited. I am pretty sure that B&N prematurely released them by accident, because this has happened to me before with other specific books I have gone to buy (they had them days before they were really supposed to be released). Thanks to my mom (who took me!) I was able to purchase the Julie book called A Brighter Tomorrow! Thank you mom! :)
I was one of the people that was reluctant for the release of Beforever. I honestly don't like great things to change. Well, the HC section was already great and I just didn't take the new change rumors at first, but now I am pretty excited!
Anyway, I love the book and there are lots of differences (good differences) between the new books and the old (or original) books. I took some pictures and did some comparisons. Let's take a look!
I'm sure that most of us have been looking at the covers of the books and excitedly awaiting what might be behind the covers for months now (unless you are the type that doesn't like to look at all the spoiler alerts).
I posted a picture of the cover anyway! I absolutely love the texture of the cover and the pages.
Here is the title. I like how they put it into a little bubble rather than plastering it across the top of the cover.
Here is the mood ring that the girl finds in the beginning of the book. At first I wasn't too hip on the "fantasy" parts of the books because I felt like it should be more about history than magic mood rings, but I actually like the idea. I think it makes you more connected to the character and there are instances you might not see Julie in otherwise.
They still have the about the author section in the book.
I have no idea why this picture came out sideways, but as you can probably tell if you can look sideways, you will see that it is a "choose your own adventure" book. I like those sort of books, so this is perfect!

They don't have illustrations and they don't have a complete looking back section, but they have an abbreviated version of the looking back section called "About Julie's Time" I miss the pictures because I thought it was a nice way to read and see the differences in her era, but oh well. It's more in depth though, and I enjoyed reading through it. It is a surprisingly long two pages which are nice to read.
This picture came out sideways too, but anyway, to conclude the mini review, I thought I'd show you the back cover. The back cover, like most AG books, has a tiny image of other books that are related to the book in your hands.
Anyway, that is my exciting adventure of today!
OH, and by the way, I have all of Little House on the Prairie The Dance Part #2 shot, except for two outdoor scenes I haven't gotten outside to shoot yet. I can't make any promises on when Part #2 is coming out though, because I am pretty busy.
Oh, and I see I've gotten a few more followers! Thank you so much! <3


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