An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beforever is RELEASED!!!! My opinions part 1

YAY!!!! I could barely get through today (I am only looking at the new items right now - I was too busy earlier to look at them) without thinking of Beforever every other second! XD

Anyway, everything is finally out and I'm just.....well, stunned. (In a great way for most of the stuff! Finally, more attention on the AG character)
Let's look at Julie's stuff first!
This is such a cool set! AG has outdone themselves on this one! An egg chair that is so 70s? I love this. Not only does it give the dolls a really hip place to sit, it gives you the ability to blast music through the chair too! Now what doll company could do that? Oh, well, AG the masterminds of course! XD At $100, I will almost certainly not be buying it (there are things that I'd rather have for my dolls for even less money)
Julie's Snack Set $50
I love this set SOOO much. The dial phone, the food, the Jiffy Pop! The stuffed animal....Ahhh!!! DOn't even get me started on how great this set is (well, everything is great about it besides the price!) I really want this set, but it is all accessories and already costs $50! It's a really cute set though and maybe it's even worth it!
Julie's Coat Set $34
I like this set. (It only comes with the hat and coat, though). I think the price for a hat and coat is too much, when I already have a doll pattern for a coat, but it is still cute, though a bit too over-the-top for me.
Julie's Tunic Outfit $34
You get much more for your money with this set, which is certainly a plus for me! After staring at the Floral Jump Suit and Calico Dress for years (which I own both and LOVE both, don't get me wrong), it is nice to get a fresh approach to Julie. The yellow clogs are a bit wild, but are definitely authentic IMO! The pants are nice and the shirt looks like a good quality fabric, but I think that it could've done without the tassels on the front (I am NOT a tassel person, but it still doesn't necessarily ruin the outfit). I think I could see this as one of my purchases in the near future.
Julie's Accessories $24
I don't mind this set. I think that the whole thing looks like a Halloween costume (mainly the bag and glasses), but the headband is a nice feature which I would use if I were to buy this set (but $24 for a headband is too much!) It's alright, but I just don't particularly love it at the moment.
Julie's Holiday Outfit $34
I don't mind this outfit. In fact, I think it is sort of cute! However, I don't think it is Christmas-y enough. Her old one made it feel like Christmas. I think this one could pass as a talent show or school picture day outfit. I would buy it though and I hope to have it in my hands someday soon!
Julie's Meet Outfit $36 (without doll)
I cannot express how much I LOVE this outfit! I love the sandals, the pants are so well designed, and the tee is so cute and could pass as a great graphic tee for everyday non-historical wear if needed (I like historical stuff though).
The vest is just SOOOO cute and I want to buy this set. However, they are just getting higher and higher priced, so I am going to have to save up even more now! NOOO!
Opinions Part #2 comin' right up!!!


  1. Julie's snacks are my favorite, but they seem way too overpriced. I wish that American Girl would stop raising their prices.

  2. I agree! They are overpriced! I wish they would stop raising the prices. : (

  3. Cool! I LOVE Julie's egg chair and that's going to be the top thing on my AG wishlist! lol

  4. I have to stand up for Julie's Christmas dress. It is similar to a Christmas outfit my sister & I wore in the early 1970s. I had boots. She had some strappy shoes. I had a coat with a faux fur collar & a hat like that. So did sister. Mine was turquoise. My sister would have talked my Dad into a life size egg chair if we had found one! Julie's clothes remind me of our years of being different. My sister was the one who pushed the status quo.