An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Monday, August 19, 2013

Little House on the Prairie Full Episode: Winter Blizzard

Okay, before I start the photo story, I just wanted to say that the white pillows, sheets, blankets, shirts, etc. are supposed to be snow. This was a great idea that didn't turn into the best photo story - but look at it, and comment what you think. :)

It was morning time at the Ingalls' House, and Laura and Mary were just getting dressed. It was snowy out, and the first snow had fallen over night. Pa said that it was almost two feet high or more in some places. But Laura and Mary still had to go to school - it hadn't been cancelled. Mary was glad it hadn't been cancelled. She was excited for the Winter Spelling Bee - the winner got a whole pound of licorice and peppermint (she would share with Laura of course!). Laura however, would've much rather it been cancelled - she loved staying home during the holidays. Smelling Ma's fresh cookies, pies, and hot meals. Laura didn't complain or say this of course.
Mary carefully put on her new boots. She had bought them for a dime, on a great sale at the Olson's Mercantile. She'd gotten the dime from sewing with Mrs. Kleet, the local seamstress. Mary was excited,  even though she knew it wasn't right to brag, her new boots were beautiful - even better than Nellie Olson's! Mary also knew they would keep her warm from all the snow.
Laura put on her boots - which she had had for almost 2 or 3 years. They were old and worn out now, Laura hoped she get new ones for Christmas.
The girls walked outside into the freezing snow. Mary wore a nice long dress and a old sweater she had made when she was just five. She also wore her bonnet. Laura wore her old dress that she hadn't worn in a year, because it had been getting too short. Luckily, they both had wool and flannel stockings on, so they were kept very warm. Laura also wore Pa's coat from when he was a boy. Laura also wore her winter bonnet - it was actually an old shawl she had helped Mary sew.
The girls trudged along through the dull, dark, and freezing morning. They held hands so they didn't get separated, but started snowing super hard - almost like a blizzard!
"Hold onto my hand Laura! We have to try to make it back home, we can't make it to school in this weather!" Mary screamed above the roar of snow coming down.
"Okay!!" Laura shouted, as she stumbled through the cold, wet, uneven snow.
Suddenly, they came to a mountain of snow. Mary slid over it, losing her grip on Laura's hand. Laura struggled and fell over backwards into the snow. Even though the snow was blinding her, she got up and tried to get to the top of the small snow mountain. It was tough work, especially since she was carrying her school book she needed.
"Come on Laura, grab my hand," Mary cried, trying to brush the snow out of her eyes to see Laura. But the snow was coming down too fast, and Mary couldn't brush it out of her eyes quick enough.
"I'm trying to M-" Laura's voice was suddenly cut off by the blizzard picking up. It was snowing harder than ever now!
Laura began to slip off the snow again, but she forced herself to hold on.
Laura suddenly got to the very, very, top of the snow, and she reached out for Mary's hand. The snow had picked up a bit, but the shawl/bonnet was keeping things out of her eyes.
Suddenly, Laura gasped. She felt Mary's hand! Mary quickly closed her hand around Laura's and held on tightly. Another separation in this bad of a blizzard could lead to someone getting hurt - they could even get lost and never be seen again!
Mary tugged on Laura's arm, and Laura carefully slipped down the snow.
Finally, she fell down head first, losing Mary's hand again! Luckily, Laura fell right on top of Mary, so everything was fine.
Mary stood up and walked over to help her sister, who had adjusted herself to lay more comfortably in the snow - however, she wasn't strong enough to get up by herself, that would mean having to fight the snow.
Mary grabbed ahold of Laura's hand, and pulled her up. The storm was getting heavier.

The storm was getting heavier, and the wind was picking up, so both girls held tightly to each other and their hats.

Suddenly, Laura's shawl/bonnet began to fly off her. Laura tried to tug at it and fight with the wind, but it was no use. the shawl flew back and away.

"My bonnet, it's flown away!" Laura cried, swinging her head back to see if it was still in sight. It was.
"Mary, let's go get it. Also, I just remembered, I dropped our school book!" Laura screamed, trying to tug Mary in the other direction.
"NO LAURA NO!!! It is only one of our school books, and besides, we can get the shawl after the storm! Come this way!" Mary cried out to Laura, tugging her back in the right direction.  

The shawl lay there - but don't worry, it got picked up by Laura after the snow (really it was found by Jack the dog).
Mary and Laura looked in front of them, and there it was...the front door to their tiny little house, with the warm fireplace and smell of delicious pies. It had never felt so good to be home.


  1. Awesome! I love Little House on the Prairie!

  2. This is SOOO COOL Ellie!

    Ari :-{D