An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lanie's New Glasses!

It was an early morning on AG Farms, and Lanie and Payton were the only two up. Lanie was going super early to get some glasses and she had invited Payton to come with her to decide. Lanie wasn't thrilled with the whole idea about getting glasses though....
Lanie and Payton walked inside the glasses store. They were greeted with tons of glasses staring at them. Lanie, became even more nervous. She needed to get glasses because she couldn't see far away.
"Ahhhhh, Darling, you must be Lanie Holland....your mother phoned and said you were coming. Your mother says you must pick out of the Monthly Features Selections. Let me just guide you over here to them..." the saleswoman dragged on. She didn't look so happy to be there.
Lanie looked at the glasses on the Monthly Features table. They only had two Monthly Features to choose from, so Lanie figured she would have a quicker decision. Neither of the glasses really appealed to her, but she decided she would first have to try them on.
Lanie put on the first pair of glasses, they were silver and wire-rimmed. However, they were pretty big.
"Oh, I really do like those!" Payton exclaimed. 
"I guess I kind of do too, - only they are way too annoying. The frames are way too round and big for my head...though if I got them, I could match Molly!"
Lanie tried on the second pair. They were black/blue, and oval framed.
"Acutually, I really do like these...well, I guess," Lanie sighed.
"I love them, get them!!!" Payton exclaimed enthusiastically. 
"Alright then, ma'am, I'll take these!" Lanie told her.
"Okay, darling, don't forget to come back if you need anything else. Also, don't forget, the glasses come with a free kit and case! See you soon," said the saleswoman winking and smiling.
At home, Lanie lay on her bed thinking. She couldn't decide if she liked her glasses or not. They were kind of cool, and maybe cute (though she wasn't sure if she could admit it or not), and they weren't uncomfortable or anything. She decided that she kind of liked them.
"Hey Lanie, are you okay? How do you like your glasses?" Payton questioned.
"Oh, yes, I am fine! I just can't decide if I like them or is a kind of tough decision," Lanie explained.
"Well, maybe you don't have to like them, and maybe you don't have to hate them. Just don't care about them!" Payton answered. Lanie shouldn't spend her time worrying over liking or not liking glasses!
"Yes, I suppose you are right! I guess I'll just have them there, and not decide if I like them or not! Though I do wonder what other people will think - especially when we start school soon," Lanie began to worry again.
"Don't worry Lanie, everyone will love them, they look so cute on you. Besides, who cares if they like them or not!" Payton tried to get her friend not to worry.

So, what do YOU think of Lanie's new glasses?

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  1. I think they look awesome! Glasses really suit Lanie.