An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fall Fashions for Dolls!

 So, I've been thinking of some awesome doll fashions for dolls as the weather gets a bit chillier. My dolls wanted to keep wearing their summer stuff, but since it is getting a bit chillier out, I told them it was time to bring the fall clothing out. However, later on, my doll's and I came up with ideas on how you can make fall clothes for your dolls while still using summer/spring time clothes! Here are a few of our ideas.
First, we have this outfit. it is very comfortable for your dolls, and very cute as well. Let's take a closer look....
First, we have the shoes and pants. The shoes can be anything your doll likes to wear. This is one of Payton's favorite pairs of shoes.
Then, all you need are leggings, or pants, either one will work - as long as they will keep your doll warm as the days get chillier.
Then, for the top, it can be any shirt they wanted to wear in the summertime, or maybe an old summer dress that isn't too long and can be worn over pants. Next, add a little souvenir/jewelry from a trip that your doll may have gone on. Kanani went back to visit Hawaii, and she brought Payton back this necklace, so it is kind of like a little part of the outfit that describes your doll's summer vacation trip!
Next, you can do another really cute style. This is one of Payton's dresses that she wore a TON over the summer (like, if she wasn't wearing her swimsuit, she was most likely wearing this red dress). But, this time, to make it acceptable for fall weather (and for school, as many schools don't allow dresses with no sleeves), she added a blue shirt (though you can add any color) and wore her same leggings and shoes. She looks pretty good in this picture. :)
Today was my doll's first day of school - here is a cute picture of Jasmine and Payton walking to lunch together. Pretty cute!
Cute headshots of the girls! Amazing!!
Well, that's it for now...What do you think of the styles?

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  1. Cute!!
    Oh my goodness! When I was 7 I had a red jumper that I wore with a blue shirt! It's like seeing young me in doll form!!