An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Photo Story Series; Annabelle!

So, on the American Girl Fan Message Board, I asked everybody what they would rather see as a photo story series. The photo story series Annabelle won, and here it is!!! Also, we are NOT getting rid of the Little House Series, we are just adding a new photo story series to the blog! (Annabelle is a story made up by me and my cousin!).
First, a little Summary on Annabelle: Annabelle Windsor is a  nine year old girl growing up as Princess Annabelle The Tenth, during the early 1800s. Annabelle loves to play with the servants, and explore, even though Ms. Masters, the fine royal etiquette teacher tells her not to. Annabelle gets on all kinds of adventures with just about everyone! Join Annabelle as she helps people escape, tracks down an important long lost family member, meets orphans in the woods, and does SO much more! We hope you enjoy, and we'd love to hear your feedback/comments!

Of course, we have to put the credits!:
Annabelle Windsor = Felicity Merriman
Servant Molly = Molly McIntire
King Charles the eighth = Kit Kittredge
Ms. Buckle = Jasmine Johnson
Ms. Masters = Elizabeth Cole
More credits coming later on!!

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