An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lost: An Original Mini Photo Series Part #1 of 5

A quick not before I begin this post: Part #2 of The Library Dog photostory is going to be up soon; the camera died in the middle of my photographing and the other camera I have just can't take as good pictures, so I need to wait for the good camera to charge. I got a lot of positive feedback for that photostory, so I know that a lot of people liked it and Part #2 will be coming up soon.
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Earlier this week, I thought of a great idea for a mini photo series. A mini photo series is just like any other photo series on this blog (Little House on the Prairie, Princess Annabelle, etc.) except that it will only have 5 parts and have a clear beginning, middle, and end, rather than an episode with a new plot line in each part.
The idea for this came to me when I was looking at my AG Winter Chalet in January, but I never really pursued the idea further until this week! I suppose the series was a bit inspired by my favorite book series; The Boxcar Children, only while it is similar, it is different in its own way too.
Here is an introduction to the series: 3 sisters (played by: Elizabeth, Molly, and Shola H4H girl) escape from a foster care situation after the death of their parents several months before the story. They run off in a snow storm and stumble upon a cabin where they stay; fearful they will be caught and worrying about what next plan of action they should take. Then, when someone starts leaving them food and necessities, they decide to uncover who it is.
Here is my Photo Story Preview Poster:
Elizabeth, Molly, and Shola; orphans

Now, for the actual photo story (Part #1):
"We need to get to shelter, we'll get frostbite or worse if we don't!" Molly cried out dramatically over the wind gusts that continued to blow her soft voice away.
"I think that's a cabin up there in the clearing!" Elizabeth answered as they came upon a clearing where a quaint cabin stood. It wasn't very big at all, in fact, it was rather small.
The girls quickly came to the cabin and Elizabeth began to prepare to try and open the door with all of her might, but it wasn't necessary. The door opened easily with a satisfying slide against the beautiful wood floors.
The inside of the cabin was plain yet cozy with a fireplace, a poster, a bench, a window, and a tiny bathroom in a little sectioned off room.
The snow-covered girls entered the cozy little cabin. They were wet, freezing, and covered in little flurries of snow.
"Suppose we rest here until the storm is over?" Molly suggested. She was the middle child of the three and was used to her older sister making the final decisions.
"I think that would be a good idea. It just simply isn't safe to go out in such winds," the eldest sister, Elizabeth replied. "We should only rest for a small bit. As soon as the storm stops we must be on our way again. I can't imagine we've made it very far in just 3 days."
On the first day, there had been a light snow; the kind that one could take pleasure in as the tiny flurries fluttered to the ground and stuck.
On the second day, the snow had turned to ice in some patches and it snowed some more; only this time it was harder and thicker flurries; the kind that one would not particularly enjoy.
On the third day, that very day the three sisters found the cabin, the snow had turned into even thicker and fatter flurries; nearly balls of snow dropping on them and gusty winds had picked up across the land they walked on. It was most definitely the type of snow one would feel the need to seek shelter from.
Elizabeth began to help Shola unbutton her coat.
"Unbutton it faster, Bethie" Shola urged; excited by the idea of staying in a new cabin.
"I'm trying, I'm trying," was Elizabeth's somewhat frustrated reply. Her fingers fumbled around the buttons; each finger still feeling numb from the frosty cold they had been exposed to during their hike through the snow.
"There we go!" Elizabeth smiled as she helped Shola take the coat off once and for all. Elizabeth set it in a warm corner to dry. The cabin was somewhat drafty; some parts were cold while others were considerably warm, but it was a good enough shelter for the girls.
Shola raced off to be with Molly who was setting her snow filled coat in the corner. "Pick your things up and put them somewhere proper," Elizabeth told her sternly, taking on the authoritative position that she had often found herself having ever since she was left to care for her sisters.
Elizabeth was quite tired, and she let her eyes pass quickly and half-heartedly over the little bench in the corner of the cabin. However, she gasped at what she saw. Not believing her eyes, she did a quick double take and sure enough, there it was. Food and blankets!  
"What is it, Bethie?" Molly asked, wide eyed.  
"There's food; a mashed root of some sort, salmon jerky, and cheese. Oh, and the mug of hot chocolate is still warm. Someone must've just left."
"But who would leave in this storm?" Molly wondered aloud.
"That'd be crazy to leave during a storm like this," Shola's tiny voice chimed in.
"Well, I suppose it could've been kept warm in this corner. Anyway, we may as well use the pillow and blankets here while we rest and wait for the storm to be over."
Elizabeth put the food off to the side and began to unfold the pillows and blankets.
"These sure are soft blankets!" Elizabeth couldn't help but exclaim happily.
Surprised that neither of her sisters had agreed with her exclamation or answered her, Elizabeth turned around to see what they were doing. They were eating the food from the little tin! The food that wasn't even their food!
"Molly, Shola, stop it!" Elizabeth told them right as Shola was putting a piece of salmon jerky in her mouth.
"But I'm really hungry Bethie," Shola whined between munches on the jerky stick.
"It doesn't matter!" Elizabeth shook her head confidently. "The food is not ours to eat. Now finish up that salmon jerky since you've already eaten almost the whole piece and then leave the tin of food alone for the rest of the night unless I tell you otherwise. Same goes for you, Molly!"
Both girls nodded. When Elizabeth got that stern with them, they both decided not to fight back. Not yet anyway.  
As night fell, the girls all agreed to stay for the night in the cabin.
"But only for tonight," Elizabeth reminded them as Molly moved the bench out of the corner to make room for the girls to sleep.
The girls soon settled into their beds after Molly started a fire with the firewood piled up against the fireplace.
"I'm not tired, Bethie," Shola told Elizabeth as Elizabeth leaned back into her makeshift bed. "Will someone tell me a story?"
So, Elizabeth took Shola and told her a few stories.
"I wish Mama and Daddy were here," Shola sighed after the story. "I don't mind this cabin, but I don't think I like it very much."
"Well, they aren't here," Molly told her. "So you should just stop thinking about it!"
"Molly, stop it," Elizabeth told her and gave her a warning glare before turning back to Shola. "It's okay, Shola, because they're watching down on us and keeping us safe. Besides, we're going to have one big adventure!" Of course, Elizabeth really wasn't one for adventures, but she wanted to brighten Shola's mood.
Shola laid back down and eventually fell asleep.
Both girls sat by the fire together. The two sisters had drifted apart after the death of their parents, but now that they were safe - even if only for one night - in the cabin, their friendship seemed to come back.
"This cabin sure is nice," Molly sighed.
"Remember when we went with Mom and Dad to those ski cabins last year? Oh, that was such fun! You sure were an impressive skier."
"Nah - not as impressive as that other girl was...what was her name?" the girls continued to relive fun memories together in the firelight. They were glad to have a night to just enjoy being sisters again, just like the old times.
Part #2 coming sometime this holiday season. I'm going to try and space these 5 parts out a little bit just because I want the series to last through Christmas.
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  1. This is really good, Ellie!! I can't wait for more! :) And the Boxcar Children books are great, I had to read the first one for school in fourth grade and loved it!! I've read a few others since then too. :)
    Also, I voted in the poll! :D

    1. Hi Sunny!
      Thanks! I'm so glad that you liked the photo story! I had a lot of fun making it (the Winter Chalet was quite fun to take photos in)!

      Yes, the Boxcar Children books are just such good classics. I read one around fourth grade too and I begged my mom to go to the library to get me more of the series! XD I was a Boxcar Children fan from the start! Even though they are below my reading level now (I am in 8th grade), I still enjoy reading them!
      Thanks for commenting and have a great day!
      Ellie : )