An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Friday, January 2, 2015

Sisters: a Photo Shoot

I absolutely adore my new winter chalet! I'm still obsessing over it! (Yes, really)
Well, I decided that I just had to do my first photo shoot in it and what better time to do it than around the New Year?
The photo shoot is centered around Shola & Molly, who are not really sisters, but she is living with the McIntire family for now, just because her mother thought she was safer over here. Despite never living in America, Shola knows good English because her mother did once live over here in America.

Shola is not wearing her headscarf in this photo shoot, just because she looks beautiful with it off too and I wanted to showcase her beautiful, thick, layered hair this time.
Gazing at the fire (which is not actually on in this photo, sorry XD) 
Shola really looks up to Molly as a big sister.  
Looking through the window!

Sisters + a doll   
The three sisters!!!
Shola with one of her Christmas presents; Rebecca, the newest sister.
I think this is my favorite of Shola. It really showcases her shy and quiet yet mysterious and inquisitive spirit.
Olly Molly & "Sho" (her nickname is "Sho")
The girls love doing each others' hair. Since Molly's sister Jill won't let her do styles on her hair, Molly can do styles on her younger sister's hair instead!
More styling in the chalet!
Sho is now braiding Molly's hair. She loves braiding since Molly taught her!
I really, really want some feedback on these pictures! I am still trying to improve my photography, and I wanted to do this photo shoot and today was not the sunniest day (it is pretty cloudy). I did not use flash on any of these pictures. 
Lessons Learned From the Shoot:
Doll Posing: I used a ponytail holder to get Shola to hold Rebecca, and I experimented with many different ways and chose the best way (using the holder). I know the perfect way to pose dolls holding things now!
I'm on a new posting schedule this year where I try to do at least 10 posts a month. I'm pretty busy, but I think that I should be able to post at least 10 times a month (except during June & July).
Let's hope it actually works!

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