An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Outfit of the Day #9

I don't have a tip to go with this Outfit of the Day, but I do have a "Paris inspired" outfit (warning: it is a pretty "stereotypical" outfit that someone in America would only wear)
Ivy wore this outfit in the Part #1 of Grace's Arrival and while it definitely isn't what someone from Paris would wear, I thought it was just cute!
Here is Ivy's outfit (I know, some of these pics were used in the "Grace's Arrival Part #1 Photo story, but I thought they would work well for this too)
Ivy is wearing a cute skirt, pink ballet flats, an "I Love You, Paris" shirt, and a heavy jacket that still looks fashionable. Oh, and she has a beret on to complete the "stereotypical Paris tourist" look.
Her cute shirt is kind of hidden by the jacket, but unfortunately, you can't go around wearing a tee shirt in the middle/late January where she lives! XD Also, the layering looks nice; it looks way better in person to be honest.
Ivy's passport picture. XD
Ivy really wants to visit Paris and see everything there so she likes to take pictures of herself and pretend that she is getting her "passport picture" taken.
She actually looks cute in this picture!
Payton & Ivy with their berets on! Ivy is kind of jealous that Payton's beret has a cute embroidered flower graphic on the side!
I added a cute knit purple scarf (OG) to the outfit, but it made the outfit to purple-y for my liking and it made it come out sort of drab in each picture.
I'm sorry that I didn't get together a "tip-of-the-day" to go with this post, but I felt like just posting the outfit so that I could possibly give everyone some ideas for future doll outfits.
Ivy's Outfit:
Shoes = OG Ballerina Outfit
Skirt: AGP Exclusive
Shirt: Grace's Meet Outfit
Jacket: Lanie's Nature Accessories
Scarf: OG Winter Coat Set
Beret: Ivy's Meet Accessories

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