An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Payton & Shola Bake Cookies!

All the girls were so excited to get a kitchen for Christmas, that they have spent hours in it already. Shola & Payton are currently baking cookies as we speak. They wanted to bake for the AG doll farms Holiday Party. It is the tradition that everyone gets together after New Year's since a lot of people are traveling with their families, and all the madness of the holiday season is pretty much over. They have a holiday party rather than a Christmas party, that way they can celebrate ALL the holidays!
The party is going to be hosted in a few days, which is the soonest possible get together time that they could coordinate. Shola & Payton are extremely excited to try out their new recipes on everyone.
It looks like they finished the batter already - but gosh, I think they got more food on their faces then on their cookie sheet! I hope they aren't eating any of it - it's raw egg in there!!

Look at all the mess! Flour all over the face, clothing, and hands. Payton, weren't you told to wear an apron? (XD)

There the cookies are, being placed on the cookie sheet. The smells of cinnamon wafted through the kitchen.........

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