An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Isabelle is Here! (My opinions on her new stuff)


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I just woke up (yes, I stayed up pretty late XD). How was your New Year's Eve? Did you stay up to watch Isabelle roll in? I did! But I was so tired that I waited until today to share my opinions on her stuff.
I like her - she's cute enough. I love her hair - I can see it going into many styles. I like her shirt as well, it really tells who she is, not many of the other GOTY meet outfits really do that without the accessories. I think her pants are cute too - and comfortable looking. Her shoes I think are a little bit over the top, but they are still cute. As for the hair piece, well, I don't like it. I've never been a fan of that kind of stuff.
Her accessories are cute - I like the jacket since her name is embroidered onto it, and it has that ballet logo on it. The purse is cute too. Her hair clip is beautiful. The Metro Pass & her identification tag is cute, it reminds me of McKenna's accessories. Actually, the whole doll's clothing collection reminds me of McKenna. Her hand gloves, are kind of like the hair clip to me; they are too trendy & stuff, I'm not a huge fan of them at all.
Her pajamas are alright. I think the pants are kind of strange - the way they have like a extra layer of fabric to make a sort of dress-like fashion. They are cute, but still sort of plain. The shirt is cute, and I can see it being used for casual clothing with a pair of shorts or something. The headband and slippers are cute too. I think I may purchase this outfit in the future.
I don't like this dress that much. I think that the short dress is sort of wild, it kind of looks like it has a robe style. The leggings aren't anything special, and the shoes aren't really either. The belt is cute, but it looks like it might be a pain to get around the dress. Overall, I don't think that this dress is worth $34! I was thinking $24 sounded like a regular price.
I actually really like this. The coloring is beautiful. I love how the leotard seperates from the tutu - it is adorable, and great for play. I love the shoes too, but they look like they may be hard to get on. The tiara is cute and the little bracelet is a nice feature. But at $38, I think that it is priced a little crazy. I mean, that is only $12 away from $50! I don't know if it is worth it. I probably would've made this outfit $34.
Her cat Tutu isn't anything super rare or special or whatever, but I have to say, she is ADORABLE and I am thinking of purchasing her in the future. I like how they made her $22, that is about the most reasonable price out of this whole collection.
This is what also reminded me of McKenna's gymnastics beam & bar. I really like this set (minus the dance case) and can see myself buying the Dance Bar Set. I think that the Dance Case is a waste of money - it is $44 for a bunch of hair accessories & stuff like that.
I absolutely LOVE this set. I really wish you could buy the sewing accessories separately - I think AG just wanted to tempt you to spend $275. I really do like this set though - but certainly not the price, considering that all I really want is the sewing part of it.
I think that this Mix & Match outfit is really cute. However, it is a $48 outfit. I don't like that! But I still think that I'd like it anyway.
I like this Mix & Match set as well. The top actually doesn't really look like the tops I've seen for ballet, but I have seen dancers wear them. The pants are cute too, and the whole set is only $20.
I LOVE this outfit, it looks so cute, and I love the legwarmers. I LOVE the tutu & leotard.
I like this outfit a little bit. Since they are mix & match, it has the same pants as some of the other outfits and stuff. But you can buy it without the pants or the leotard or the shoes.
I like this a little bit. It looks a little busy to me; I don't know if I like all the layers & stuff. But it is still okay.
That's all of Isabelle's stuff. I like a few of her things, but only about 1 or 2 outfits really popped for me. I think her set is exactly like McKenna's. It follows the same "rules" at some points. The Accessories are similar, then there is the pet, then the fancy party dress, then the pajamas, then the bed set (in Isabelle's case, it was the sewing stuff and wardrobe), the barre was like McKenna's bar & beam, and then there was all the performance wear, and lastly, a few casual outfits. The only thing that broke free from that pattern was the mix & match outfits.

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