An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Monday, October 5, 2015

Costume of the Day #2! (& A Short Photo story)

It looks like a lot of people liked yesterday's Cat Costume Idea (see post before this if you haven't seen it already and are interested).
Today's Costume is...
Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!
Okay, so that is probably not a very unique costume, but I haven't really dressed my dolls up like that before and I had all the materials to make the costume very easily.
I modeled my doll's Dorothy costume off of the original Wizard of Oz movie (with Judy Garland as Dorothy - I believe it was made back in the 30s'. I think most of the people I know have seen it, but if not - I recommend it. It is really good!)
Here is Grace after she finished taking a walk on the yellow brick road! ;P
For the outfit I used:
I used Kit's School Outfit (not sure if this is retired or not?), Christmas flats (from the 2012 outfit, I think), and some pretty hair ribbons (they were used to tie a package I received).
For the accessories, I used a dog (Toto!) and Caroline's Travel Basket. Any dog or animal will work with the costume; I just happened to have a dog that seemed to be in the same spirit as Toto the dog.
 I couldn't tell whether or not these pictures were dark or not; so I am sorry if they are. I will try and get better lighting next time! : )
I think that Grace looks so much like Dorothy in this picture. Well, maybe not exactly, but still similar!
It looks like Payton is coming to photo bomb the picture or sneak up on Grace...or possibly (most likely) both!
 I don't think Grace is going to be too happy about what is about to happen...
"Mrrrrrooooowwww!" Payton shrieked; sounding more like an unidentifiable animal more than she did a cat.
"AHHHH!!!" Grace was not expecting this at all, so she screamed louder than most have screamed ever before...
She dropped Toto and ran as fast as she could, picking up speed with every step. Her hair ribbons flew out of her hair, but she didn't even look back to see where they landed. She was still so frightened!
As Grace ran away, Caramel who was posing as Toto squirmed out of the tight basket to run after her.
I thought that Dorothy protected Toto in the real Wizard of Oz. Grace isn't really living up to her costume choice, is she? Caramel thought to himself.  He didn't bother running though. He could clearly see that it was Payton beneath the costume.
That certainly is not a cat! Cats smell delicious and are fun to chase. Payton is neither of those. She does not make a very good realistic cat. Caramel shook his head. He may have "just" been a dog, but he had a lot of thoughts on everything!
"Grace!" Payton called, though it was no use. "Come back! It's me, Payton - in a costume! Grace!"
"Wow, I must be a really convincing cat!" Payton sighed happily.
No, thought Caramel.
Sorry this is a little late tonight - I just got around to doing it! Goodnight readers/friends!



  1. This is a great costume idea, and I loved the story part! :)

    1. Hi Nikki!
      Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. : )
      Have a good afternoon!
      ~Ellie : )

  2. This is such a great idea! I have to laugh at the cat part, my brother all of the sudden the other day came running towards me because he was scared of a cat that was walking towards him!

    1. Thanks!
      Hahaha! XD That's a funny story about your brother! : P
      Have a good afternoon!
      ~Ellie : )