An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Costume Idea #3

I know that I didn't post a costume idea yesterday, but I've just decided that I probably, realistically cannot post a new costume idea every single day. But, I'll try! Anyway, here is Costume Idea 3:
Pippi Longstocking!
A lot of people know her; whether you know the books, the Swedish television show, etc. Whatever it is, most people tend to have at least some idea of who she is.
For me, well, I've grown up with Pippi Longstocking in my life! In fact, I received a Pippi rag doll and book for my 4th birthday! I got the DVD set of the television show out of my library when I was around that age too (I know that there are cartoons, movies, and more made about Pippi, but the only one that I've seen is the 60s/70s television show/movies that were made in Sweden and are in a different language with English dubbed in. XD They are really good; I recommend them)
Anyway, the point is, I LOVE Pippi. (Who doesn't?) Everything about her is just so exciting! A while back, I made a costume for her, and I believe I even made a blog post about it, but that costume/version of Pippi just isn't as good (I don't think) as the one that I made today!
Anyway, here is today's costume:
Here she is! Felicity loves being Pippi; both girls are so similar!
For the costume, I used Julie's Original Meet Outfit (pre-Beforever) tunic, and a pair of denim shorts to go under it (I think they are from Julie's Patchwork Outfit).
The apron is from my Pippi ragdoll, but the apron isn't necessary for the costume; and you could always make one out of paper or something too!
For the shoes and socks, I made socks out of construction paper. If you have ever seen the show, you probably recognize these as socks that Pippi wears all the time! I know that construction paper is certainly not sock material, but it works!
I used Josefina's Meet Outfit shoes, though they look too small.
I know that the original Pippi is supposed to have freckles, so I got out my construction paper and double sided tape and made a...
Those do NOT look like freckles at all. At least I tried. XD I was too scared to watercolor her skin. XD
Needless to say, these freckles were quickly removed. They might look okay if I had down them smaller.
Pippi looking down at the camera.
I made the braids stand straight out by braiding her hair really tightly and holding it in that position for a short time. It made her hair really easy to bend and shape. I would not keep her braids in this position for too long though.

Felicity was really getting into character!  
"I am Pippi Longstocking..."
Payton, Felicity, & Grace
Here are the #3 costumes so far! Without me telling anyone, I bet you can guess what each one is! XD
I think that ending picture may become my header picture. I just love the costumes together!

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