An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Friday, September 12, 2014

Payton Paints Pictures!

Today, Payton decided that she wanted to paint! (this is a super quick photo-story, BTW)
She had been to a few art museums and had really enjoyed the animal pictures. The pictures at the museums inspired her to create her own. She decided to draw an elephant, just because she'd never drawn one before and she wanted a challenge.
She just started to fill in her elephent. As an artist who was trying to improve, she made sure to try and do different shades to practice her shading with water color. 

She had a wide variety of colors to choose from for mixing and matching.

"Hmmm," Payton thought to herself. "Maybe I should try out the water color tubes?"
(She did not end up using them during this painting session)

After the elephent picture, she decided she wanted to paint something else, so she chose to paint a fawn. "Awww," Payton smiled, "The fawn is SOOO cute!"
She had a bit of difficultly with the background outlines of her landscape, but the landscape didn't turn out bad at all.  

Here is the now-famous (or somewhat famous artist) posing next to her work of art!
Bonus close up!
Do your dolls like painting or any other art activities?  

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  1. My doll Joy loves Payton's paintings! (that kinda rhymed lol XD) Joy is an artist and she loves being artistic in everything she does! :D