An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Friday, September 12, 2014

Doll Clothes Idea & Outfit of the Day #3!

Sorry we haven't done a doll clothes idea lately....we just were having trouble brainstorming more great tips to give all of you! :)
Anyway, we have thought of a couple that we are now using in everyday life, and here is one of them!
Tip: A lot of people, I noticed, tend not to put shoes on their dolls with a lot of the outfits. I didn't used to put shoes or accessories on my dolls that often either. Let's face it, putting on doll shoes and keeping track of doll shoes can sometimes be a pain. But today, I'm here to inspire you to find shoes to go with every outfit! I never really realized it before, but they truly do make any outfit that much more special! Whether it's a pair of fuzzy slippers with some pajamas or a pair of Converse sneakers with a funky, artsy outfit, your doll needs it if you want the outfit to look complete. So, keep track of those doll shoes (I have tips for that in a moment, just scroll down), and get your dolls fancy in the footwear!!! XD
Now for the Outfit of the Day: 

Beautiful profile

I love the jumper set's shirt graphics on the sleeve. They are so cute.

Closer, better shot of the graphics and the texture of her jumper

Her hat (sorry for the fuzz on the hat - it tends to attract fuzz that isn't even there - even after you vacuum!)

A handbag also completes an outfit!

Cute appliques with vibrant colors
More cute appliques!

The socks also play a big part in the creating of the outfit. Don't they just add a little extra punch to these already cute shoes?

Closer up of the Converses!  

Payton really wanted to strike a pose here, so I let her. Pretty interesting choice for a pose, don't you think? XD 
PC shoes! Look at the cute logo on the sides!
Tips for Keeping Track of Shoes/Accessories: The best thing you can do for keeping track of accessories is to get a sewing box sort of thing with compartments in it and put everything in the compartments in an organized fashion. As for the shoes, there are cool little jewelry holder things that have plastic slots and hang on the wall, those are perfect for shoes!
I am NOT an organized person, by the way, contrary to the little "organization" tip given in this post. In fact, I'm about as far away from organized as they get.
What do you do for organizing doll things?
What this outfit is made of:
Shoes: Unknown outfit but definitely PC
Socks: Julie's Roller skating set
Hat: Molly's Accessories
Shirt: Jumper Set
Jumper: Jumper Set (cannot remember exact name)
Tote bag: Ivy's Accessories

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