An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Friday, June 13, 2014

Little House on the Prairie: The Sickness Part #3

The doctor had transferred Mary to the church, where they would try to get her better. If needed of course, then they would make arrangements for the hospital. Everyone hoped that was not necessary.
Mary lay on her little mattress which had been hurriedly made and donated by the local seamstresses who were doing all they could for the poor sick people of the town.
Mary was very grateful even though she felt worse than anything.

The other town over, who had been asked to send help for the epidemic, had sent away Mosi, a young, orphaned Native American child who worked for a rich family. She had caught the terrible epidemic but had recovered quickly, and it was now determined that she could not get it again.
Now, she worked tediously trying to get all the patients in the little makeshift church hospital well again.

She passed out some medicine that wasn't necessarily going to get them better, but it would help a bit. She brought her cup of medicine and gave a spoon of it to Mary.
"You must take medicine," Mosi spoke in her broken English. "You will get better."
Mary slowly took the herbal brew of soothing medicine.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Laura had gotten a little better and was now sitting up. She might have felt better physically, but on the inside she worried. Mary was always weak when it came to getting sick and she didn't take it quite as well. Still, it was rare that she would get sick. Laura felt sicker by worrying, so she vowed to stop. Only she couldn't.
Dr. Baker brought around some more heavy duty medicines in a large horse feed bucket (don't worry, it was cleaned out).
It didn't seem to help Mary though, and as they day went on into the afternoon, she got progressively worse. "I may have to take her to the hospital," Dr. Baker thought aloud, "In fact, I think I must." Quickly, he hurried out to the Ingalls' homestead, and just as quickly, brought Ma back in his buggy.

IN the church, Ma grabbed Mary and hugged her. "You are going to go to the hospital, now."
"No, Ma!" Mary cried.
"You will get better at the hospital. It would only be right. Come now, Dr. Baker has arranged a train already."  
Hurriedly, they were transported to the train and then to the hospital. In all, it took about three hours. Surprisingly Mary wasn't feeling any worse. Then again, she didn't know if it was possible to feel any worse.
At the hospital, a few hours later, after Mary had been inspected by the doctor. The doctor determined that there was nothing he could do and that she should move around or else she might lose all feelings in her legs and possibly not be able to walk again.
Mary wanted to walk again, so she pushed herself to get on her wooden crutches and hobble around the hospital walking area. It hurt with each step, and Mary herself, in her brain, felt wobbly, but she wanted to walk on, so that didn't stop her. Ma carefully guided her by the shoulder, and together they walked.
It was soon decided that there was nothing that could be done and it might even be more affective for her recover in her own bed. Mary, who didn't particularly like the hospital, despite the nice doctor and nurses, was glad to hears this and was excited to get home and more excited that she could get better soon.  

Back at home, awaiting Mary, was Laura making up the bed and tidying up the house. Pa was still out making trips for the doctor, so Laura was left to practice her responsible side and take care of her chores, Carrie, and any other housework. Not to mention preparing meals!
Suddenly though, in excitement, she heard Mary and Ma walk through the door. Quickly, she finished making up the bed and ran down to see her Ma and her sister.

Laura and Mary gently hugged. "Are you going to be okay?" Laura asked.
"Don't you worry, Laura, I'm going to be just fine," Mary smiled, hugging her back once more.
"But I am going to have these silly wooden crutches for a while. How are you feeling?"
"I'm feeling great! I don't think I have a touch of fever or sickness anymore. I'm glad to be all better. You'll be better soon too."
"Well, right now, your sister has to rest, Laura, now let her go. I'm going to help her up the loft ladder."
And off Mary went. Laura felt at peace and at the moment she didn't mind helping her sister, and while she knew that there would be plenty of fights down the road, Laura loved her sister and knew she always would.


  1. What a great Photo Story.....I loved it!

    Can't wait for part 4!


    P.S. I love your blog and dolls <3

  2. Yay!! Part 3 is here! I LOVE this photo story....AND I DEMAND MORE LEST YOU DEAL WITH A CRAZY MADCAT!! Haha....jk.