An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Doll Clothes Idea and Outfit of the Day #2!

A little while back I started a "Doll Clothes Idea & Outfit of the Day". Well, I decided to post the second outfit of the day and idea.
Clothes Idea: I know that a lot of people have Molly, and if you received her in her meet outfit, then you know that it came with a cute little collar/dickey. Well, I also noticed that the dickey seems to be forgotten and isn't really used that much unless the doll is dressed in Molly's meet outfit. Well, I decided to change that. Below, in the outfit of the day, is an example of a really cute (in my opinion) outfit that features that cute but sometimes forgotten dickey.
Tip: You can really take any part of a historic outfit and turn it into a modern one if you'd like. It is great to have different options for your doll's outfits. In this outfit, I use 3 historic outfit pieces.
Here is a view of the outfit of the day! I know this is a bad angle, but I hope you can see it at least a little bit.
Firstt, here is the close up of Jasmine's face. As you can see, to go with the red theme of the shirt, I added a matching bow.
As you can see, the dickey is underneath just a plain tee shirt and looks very festive for a patriotic holiday. 4th of July, maybe?

Here's the front of the shirt. See, it's just a plain graphic tee. You could really add the dickey underneath a selection of shirts and it would look good. Since it is Molly's dickey, I added in her locket too just to complete the look.
Lastly, here is a more focused view of the pants and shoes. As you can see, I used Caroline's old fashioned work boots on this modern outfit and it, I think, works pretty well.
Here are all the clothes pieces I used in this outfit:
1. Kit's Holiday Outfit - bow
2. AGP Graphic Tee - Washington D.C. shirt
3. Lanie's Nature Outfit - leggings
4. Molly's Meet Outfit - dickey/collar
5. Molly's Accessories - locket
5. Caroline's Farm Work Outfit - boots 

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  1. What great ideas and use for Molly's dickey! I tried pairing it with a weird shirt, looked horrible. This inspires me to try mix 'n matching some more.....Thanks!