An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Liebster Award!

I was awarded the Liebster Award by Nikki! Thank you for nominating me, Nikki! (Here is Nikki's doll blog:
Q: What was the first American Girl Doll you ever wanted? 
A: The first doll I ever wanted was Julie because she looks a lot like me. 
Q: If you have a doll with curly hair, how do you take care of it?
A: I just finger curl the doll's hair and try not to touch it too much. Lanie's hair is sort of getting messed up though, so I definitely need some more tips. 
Q: Do you like or have any pre-Mattel dolls (before 1998)? 
A: I have pre-Mattel Samantha & pre-Mattel Kirsten that I got for Christmas 2 years ago. 
Q: Has anything horrible ever happened to your dolls? 
A: Nothing horrible has happened yet. I hope nothing horrible ever happens. 
Q: Do you like to keep your historical dolls in historical clothes or do they wear newer clothes? 
A: My dolls wear a mixture of both, though I think that my doll Elizabeth looks best in her historic outfits. 
Q: Have you ever thought you'd grown out of your dolls, but changed your mind? 
A: No, I've never felt that way. 
Q: Do you have a doll that looks like you? Or if you don't, does American Girl sell one that does? 
A: Yes, I have two dolls that look similar to me (Jasmine, JLY #53 is the number I think, and Julie.)
Q: Do any of your dolls have loose legs? 
A: Yes, my Kirsten doll & Kit doll have loose legs. They aren't too bad though on Kit. 
Q: Can you wait until summer? 
A: No! I am so, so excited! I am going to possibly stay in a beach house in Florida for vacation and maybe go to my family's vacation house in Maryland!
Q: Do your dolls have any pets? 
A: YES! My dolls have a lot of pets. They have Garnet (calf), Licorice (cat), Coconut (dog), Chocolate Chip (dog), Bennett (dog), Barksee (dog), Lulu (bunny), Julie's Dog Walking set dogs, & 2 AG Horses (a foal and a big horse). 
Q: Does your mom have any dolls? 
A: Yes! My mom has a few dolls. She has a ton of Barbies from when she was a kid. She has the Chrissy & Velvet dolls, and an antique Kewpie doll.
Thanks again for picking me, Nikki!

Here are a few people I'm going to nominate: 
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4. Tara Lynn All my AG Dolls Oh My
(I couldn't think of any other blogs to nominate, so I am only doing 4 blogs)

Here are the questions:
1. Are you interested in any other dolls besides AG?
2. Have you ever taken a doll on vacation with you? 
3. Which AG stores have you visited? 
4. How did you find out about the AG company? 
5. How did you get your 1st AG Doll? 
6. Which doll is your favorite (even if it's one that you don't have)? 
7. Do you share any of your dolls with siblings? 
8. What is your favorite thing that you've ever made for your dolls? 
9. Out of all the AG Movies, which one is your favorite? 
10. Out of photo stories, photo shoots, and stop motions, which is your favorite?
11. How did you think of starting a blog? What inspired you?    



  1. Oh wow, your mom has Crissy and Velvet dolls!:) I think they're really pretty. Are they nice, or do they have funny hair or anything?

    1. I think they are pretty too! The dolls my mom has have fine hair. The Velvet doll has good hair, and it can go long to short with that little turn button thing in the back, but the Crissy doll's hair is sort of a little matted on one side. The hair is really cool though, and I love how they have that "growing hair."

    2. Thanks so much for telling me! I really want to get one.:)