An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Sunday, May 25, 2014

OG Kitchen Review Part 2!

Sorry it took me sooo long to get to this, but I've been super busy (I know that many of you have been in that position before, I'm sure). I have many more busy days coming up too, so I will probably not be posting as often, but I promise you that I will not be falling off the face of the earth either and I hope to get a post up at least once every week (though I know that probably won't happen), so as I finish up the end of my school and catch up and all that (I went on a vacation to Florida - so I didn't get to do any school - I am homeschooled though, so that helps). Thank you all for being patient though, and here is the second part! (Also, all of you may be happy to know that I have almost all of the next Annabelle episode filmed - so now I just need to post it!)
Anyway, let's go on to part 2 of the Our Generation Kitchen Review! Since we reviewed the actual furniture pieces, I'm going to review the accessories!
Here is the polka dotted bowl set. It has little white polka dots against a baby blue surface, and it is just so cute. The bowl sort of doesn't match up to the scale of the AG dolls, it is rather big, but it works, and you can really make dough in it and stuff (I have and it comes clean easily). The plates are cute and hold all the awesome food.  I'm surprised they didn't make this set red though, since that is the overall color theme. 

One of my favorite parts of the set are these measuring spoons. I love how they are on a ring just like a lot of measuring spoon sets. They are so realistic and the dolls can really hold them. 

The electric mixer is really neat, but it would be even cooler if it could really move (that would be way over the top though). The doll can't hold onto it too well, but the beater attachments are real and the whole mixer set is very realistic. 

The pot is great, though I think it is a bit big for the stove burners on the set. It works though, and I like how the handle is red to match the main color theme of the set. 

This little drainer for the sink is great and it fits perfectly. The dolls can actually hold it, and I love how the little holes are actually real, not just drawn on or something. It is very well done and realistic. 

Here is the soap and a cleaner spray bottle. The spray bottle top does not come off and is all pretty much painted together, but it doesn't matter, the doll can really hold it and the whole thing looks incredibly real. The soap is cute and I, for some reason, just really like the shape of it. The top where the soap is supposed to come out actually has a hole in it (the dispenser can't push down or anything though).

This loaf pan is so realistic. It looks like the real thing that I have in my kitchen! I love how they made it that stainless steel color. I haven't tried putting real dough in the pan or playdoh/clay or anything, but I don't think it would work as well because the corners are very narrow. 

These are little empty jars. They are cute and could be meant to hold a number of things. I personal think that they would hold things like cotton balls, mini sponges, and maybe a cookie jar. 

Here the tops, as you can see, do come off and go back on nicely. So you could probably fit a few small things in there, the jars are pretty big (they are in 3 different sizes). I love the jars, though I think they would've looked nice as a light red or that color of that bowl set I reviewed above. 

The set came with 2 bowls, but here is 1 of them. The bowls are extremely small and aren't really into scale for some reason. They sort of work, but are probably my least favorite part of the OG kitchen review set. 

This is the salt and pepper shaker set (there is 1 more, but it fell behind the book shelf and I'm still waiting for my dad to get it out for me XD). The white one I use as salt, then they have a blue one, which I guess was made blue to match the bowl set. I use the blue topped one (not shown) for pepper, and the red one for my favorite seasoning mixture, Old Bay!

This is the blue spoon to match the mixing bowl set. The strange thing is, though, that the bowl is so large compared to the spoon, that the spoon fits into the bottom of the bowl almost! It is still good though, but the dolls prefer to mix the drier doughs with their hands anyway. 

Now, we are onto the food! (My favorite part!)
The tomato in this set is squishy, along with the orange (which is not shown), and the red pepper. The tomato is actually really dark and looks almost brown rather than red. The cupcakes are very hard actually, but are so realistic and cute. The triangles you see are sandwiches and they have ham & cheese shown in them from the sides (the sandwiches do not come apart though). Then, the hunk of cheese is so cool, though is really big in scale to some of the other stuff. The cookies are great and are a bit small and sort of blend in with the floor I took the pictures on, but they are actually nice and I really like them. Those 3 little oval shaped things I am still trying to figure out what they could possibly be. If any of you have a suggestion as to what those 3 stuck together oval shaped things could be, let me know, please. 

Next, there are the cardboard boxes. The rainbow pops one is my favorite. They have 2 cereal boxes, one marshmallow one and a fruit one. Then they have a butter package and a realistic milk and orange juice carton. The flour package in your top right corner is really flimsy. The ice cream sundae kit, is, I think the sturdiest out of all the boxes. The egg carton was sort of smashed when I opened it from it's original packaging, but it is still good and it works. The hamburger meat package sort of, personally grosses me out! XD All the packages have English on one side and Spanish on the other, I guess to cater to 2 different languages. 

Then there are the cans, which are real plastic and feel like cans. One is peaches and the other is tuna fish. They are both single size sized cans and are very cute. 

One of my favorite food parts of the set is the hot chocolate part with the little packets of hot chocolate mix, and it is all just SOOO realistic and cute. I wish they showed a mug of hot chocolate, but it doesn't matter, it is still super cool. 

My favorite (I know, almost everything is my favorite), is the measuring cup It has real measurements on the sides and has a real spout to pour and everything. I'm very impressed with it and it is the perfect scale for my AG dolls. 

My other favorite thing is the clear blue plastic pitcher it is actually very large, and perfect for the girls. I can see them having a lemonade stand with this in the future. 

Another cool thing is their house phone with the little docking/charging station. The phone is really cool and there are real raised buttons, but they can't press or move or anything. This a great phone and I love how they took it a step further and rather than just giving the kitchen basics, they gave some other home basics as well. 

The house/kitchen plant is really neat and the green part is plastic, but it really has a bumpy and smooth texture that I love to touch. It is perfect to scale and it is great. 

The last thing is the see through clear blue cup (there are really 2 in the set, but the other is not shown). The cups have a realistic rim at the top and I really love them. They match the pitcher too. 

Overall, I really liked this set, and even though some stuff wasn't completely on scale, it was a great set and I am very grateful to have it!


  1. I'm pretty sure the "oval shaped things" are eggs! :)

    1. I think you may be right! However, it doesn't really show up in the picture, but they are sort of tinted green which made me think they were green grapes at first, but I decided they were too large to be grapes.
      I am going to start using them as eggs because I think you are right. :)

  2. Awesome review! I really want the OG Kitchen set now! LOL!!!
    Yeah those oval shaped things are eggs ;)