An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Etsy Outfit Review & Photoshoot!

Recently, I ordered a dress from the Etsy shop, Terri's Touch (

This was my first ever doll clothes order from Etsy and I prayed that it would go smoothly. Well, the experience exceeded my expectations! The dress just arrived today within days of ordering, which I think is just positively amazing! Not only did the dress arrive quickly, but it is beautiful and so well made that I believe it may be even better quality than AG itself. Etsy, I believe, is now my go-to doll clothes shopping site. I had a hard time deciding exactly which outfit to order, because each outfit looked so stunning. I am very happy with my choice, but all of the other outfits on there are adorable too. I love the historic fashions for sale! While the dress was $32, the quality is great and it is quite unique too, so I think that the price is pretty fair.

Now for the brief photo shoot! I am considering this my belated St. Patrick's Day shoot, because of all of the green! However, Grace is not my Irish doll (I think Felicity is), but that is okay, Grace still loves green and fun holidays!:
The dress! I just fell in love with the collar and the little sleeves! The fabric just seems so historically accurate as well. This dress will be beautiful in the fall colors this autumn!
Grace resting in the grass.
I originally bought the dress with Molly in mind, but Molly is in a key position for my latest photo story (The Main Street Home for Girls Series) so I decided to get Grace all dressed up instead!
I always tend to do a lot of these shots when my dolls are lying down. I thought the buttons looked particularly cute in this picture - the way they raise off of the fabric.  
Ella Grace Elizabeth. I love how Grace's hair is so soft and smooth - she is my last doll with hair still in that condition.
Doesn't Grace just look like such a 40s' school girl? Elizabeth Walton, maybe?  
I still can't get over that color! I mean, just look at it!!!
This may be on of my favorite photos from the shoot. I can't decide.  
I was trying to get Grace's hair to reflect the sunlight and look all nice, but I sort of failed. XD I guess the sunlight still makes a little shine?
Grace decided to walk over to a different backdrop to get a few different poses in.
She chose this beautiful backdrop. I think that Grace can look pretty good posed against this green.  
My favorite photo of Grace. I am so glad that I kept her braid in. I will probably keep that braid in forever. Kind of like Julie's. :P
Headshot Style.
One more glimpse at the dress details and fabric.
She included a cute note of thanks! Thank you , Terri, for such a wonderfully made dress! I will be ordering from you again, I know it!

I plan on doing an even more in-depth photo shoot with more interesting poses later on when I have more time to travel to a nice nearby park or something. Of course, who knows when I'll ever get to that...XD

Do you have an Etsy shop? I'd love to know because I am now obsessed with all that Etsy has to offer!


  1. Awwww, what an adorable dress! Grace it so sweet in it! :)

    -Clara <3

  2. That dress is so pretty! Grace looks amazing in it!:D My best friend, Jaclynn, has an Etsy shop full of crocheted doll clothes. They're costumes, though.:) Here's the link if you want to check it out-