An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Monday, January 4, 2016

Thoughts on New Releases 2016

No ImageLea Clark Doll & Book - $120 
Lea is really a beautiful doll, and just looking at her hair makes me want to stroke my fingers through the waves at the ends of it. However, she looks a lot like Kanani and Marisol and something about her reminds me of Jess (I think it is the meet out maybe?) and Lanie. While she is cute, she just isn't unique enough for my doll collection. Personally, I was much more pleased with Maryellen.     
No ImageLea's Accessories - $32
This set is not unique at all. As stereotypical as Grace's accessories were, at least they were different. This is like the camera and postcards and bracelet from Kanani's collection and instead of a necklace, they give a headband that looks like a great frustration starter in those trying to place it on the doll's head. Also, I forget what price the accessory sets have been in the past, but $32 seems pretty darn expensive for some paper, and trinkets, despite the fact that they do seem somewhat well detailed.

No Image
Margay Cat - $20
This is a really cute and unique animal for any doll's collection. It reminds me of Lanie's animals in her collection. I'm just glad they didn't give the Margay cat a bow or collar like they did for Grace's dog BonBon. XD 
I am especially pleased to see that AG is donating $1 to WWF. While they are only donating up to $100,000, that is still a lot of money and at least they are donating $1 instead of 50 cents. Good for AG!
No Image
Lea's Rain Forest House - $395
This is the new version of Lanie's camper, and when I mean new, I mean a new $100 price inflation. (Remember when $295 for Lanie's camper was unheard of and outrageous? Get a look at this! I understand that Lanie was in 2010, but 6 years shouldn't be a $100 price raise!)
But really, it is pretty cute and detailed, with a bed, a hammock, a shower, and lots of little items that just make the set stand out. Besides the fact that it is painfully similar to Lanie's camper (though that will not matter to AG newcomers), and its price, the set is pretty creative.
No Image
Lea's Rainforest Dreams PJs - $24
I am not a big fan of these PJs. They don't stand out to me in a good way. I do not like how the pattern of tropical birds is so realistic, I think the birds would've looked better as a cartoon. I am also not a big fan of the romper style of these PJs, and they don't stand out to me as an outfit I would purchase.
No Image
Three-Toed Sloth - $20
CUTE!!! This sloth is just so huggable and adorable. Plus, a $1 goes to WWF (until they reach $100,000 anyway). What is there to complain about?
No Image
Lea's Rainforest Hike Outfit - $34
This reminds me of Lanie's hiking/nature outfit; down to the graphic tee and leggings. The boots are quite similar to the old MAG Camping Outfit. But the watch and belt are adorable and are really the items that single-handedly save this outfit.
As picky as I may seem about this outfit, in all honesty it isn't so bad and the graphic tee is actually pretty cute.
No Image
Lea's Rainforest Hike Accessories - $28
This set is very cute and I think it is a much better deal than the other accessories being sold at $32. The walking stick is very fun, and the hydration bag is genius! The granola bars, the binoculars (similar to Lanie but who cares XD), and the little bug spray bottle and butterfly guide...AH! I will probably be getting this AG set.
No Image
Lea's Fruit Stand - $150
This set is painfully similar to Kanani's Shaved Ice Stand (which I own), yet it is unique enough to hold on its own. The price may seem like a lot, but it is only $45 more than Kanani's ice stand which was $115 in 2011. That seems like a more reasonable price inflation, considering that this stand seems to come with more accessories.
I also like how they specifically say that they stand is wooden. Kanani's stand is quite plastic, but I still love it. This set is cute, but it does not make as much sense as Kanani's stand, which was a family business (I'm pretty sure Lea's Fruit Stand is just a place where she likes to eat). My favorite part? The drinks sitting in the bucket of ice! SO cool!
No Image
Lea's Mix and Match Swim Set - $34
I like the idea of her mix/match set, but I am not a fan of the patterns. I preferred Kanani's swim suit pattern. This set seems pretty loud for my dolls' tastes, but it is still cute and I do like how they included 2 bathing suits for a considerably smaller price than what I would expect.
But it is so pretty similar to Kanani's Beach Outfit, down to the little headband that comes with it.
No Image
Lea's Beach Accessories - $34
I really like this set because it comes with some snorkeling gear, which I really missed as a part of Kanani's collection (her swim gear was paddle boarding - not snorkeling). I will probably not get this set, just because the snorkel is a little useless because the doll cannot go underwater and at least with Kanani's paddle board, the doll can stand in the sand at the beach.
I think it is a good idea that the towel came with straps to keep it rolled up for storage. All the other AG towels desperately needed this feature.
No Image
Lea's Ocean Kayak - $85
I really like this set, despite its similarity to Kanani's paddle board (down to the paddle, life vest, and everything!) But it is unique on its own too, and this set seems more useful than the snorkeling gear. This may make its way into my doll collection,  because I see this as being a lot of fun to use.
No Image
Sea Turtle - $20
Cute, cute, cute, and a $1 donation to charity. This is great! I wish the turtle was not plush though, and that he could float in the water or something, but I can't complain. WWF is a great organization.
No Image
Lea's Bahia Outfit for Dolls - $28
I am not a fan of the top, but it looks pretty rainforest-ish and seems accurate. I am just not a big fan. I like how it is unique from any other GOTY collection, so that wins it some points in my book!
I will not be purchasing it, but I don't really have any complaints on it either.
Summary of my thoughts on Lea's collection:
I wanted to like Lea so much - after all, we are stuck with her for a year. But her collection missed the target. It seemed like a repeat of Kanani and Lanie all jammed together. Hopefully her books are different.
I also feel like her collection was much smaller than other GOTY collections. She has debuted with 4 outfits (not including meet) while Grace debuted with 5 outfits.
While I am not super excited about the doll's collection (besides a few items), I am anticipating the books which I believe are going to be great!
Now for my thoughts on the Truly Me release:
No Image
Red Hearts Ruffle Outfit - $28
I do not like this dress very much. The pattern seems to large in scale for the AG dolls and I am rather disappointed. If the hearts had been made a little smaller, it would've worked out better, I think. I will not be purchasing this outfit.
No Image
Arm Crutches - $14
I am so pleased that AG is finally making these sort of sets for the Truly Me dolls. I also like that it is a pretty reasonable price too. I feel like they could've added more to the set, but then it would've been $24 instead of $14, so I guess it's good they didn't.
No Image
Diabetes Care Kit - $24
Way to go AG! Now, if only they could make a GOTY that has this set in her collection and as part of her storyline. Or a GOTY with any sort of difference really. I am thankful that I do not know whether this set is accurate or not, and I do hope it is, because this sort of set has been a long time coming. I may purchase this for one of my dolls (Grace, the shy one, maybe? Or maybe Jasmine?).
The HC mini dolls for the 30th anniversary are cute and I may purchase one.
Overall, this release wasn't my favorite, but the few items that I did like, I really liked, which is a good sign for things to come! Next release will be for Melody the new HC, hopefully!


  1. I loved reading your opinion! :) I don't think Lea's collection is that interesting. I'm very excited for Melody, though! :)

  2. Yeah, I was a bit disappointed in Lea's collection as well. Nothing seemed to original. I am getting SUPER hyped up about Melody though!

  3. We loved reading your opinions. We totally agree. :)