An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Month of Giving: Day #3

Day #3. Wow, I seem to be doing a great job at keeping up with posting each day during the Month of Giving. I must admit, I am pretty darn surprised, and a lot of my readers probably are too! XD ;P

Anyway, for the 3rd day in the Month of Giving, Elizabeth invited a girl from her arts school, Callie, to have a sleepover. Callie just moved to the area and didn't have any friends yet, and seemed lonely, so Elizabeth invited her over for a fun sleepover in front of a warm, toasty fire.
Here's the story:
The girls sat by the toasty cozy fire. The sleepover had only been going on for about 10 minutes, and already the girls were in their pajamas and the snacks were set out. They were prepared for a night of fun; even if it was a school night. Elizabeth and Grace were the only two girls who didn't have tests the next day, so they were allowed to stay up for the sleepover.
"We're so glad to finally have a friend over for a sleepover," Elizabeth smiled at Callie kindly. Despite her usual quiet and reserved manner, she always had a way of making everyone feel welcome.
"I'm so happy to be here," Callie smiled, between bites of gooey s'mores that had melted by the heat of the fire.
"Where did you move here from?" Grace got up the courage to ask. She felt a little shy in front of a girl that she didn't know, but Elizabeth did know.  
"I moved here from California - San Francisco," Callie informed the girls.
"Julie and Ivy are from there too!" Elizabeth exclaimed.
"Wow, really?" Callie began to converse with the girls.
"Yep - they are both always saying how good the food was in San Francisco's China Town area."
"That's where I used to live - right in China Town," Callie began to get excited. "Oh, and the food was really good. Especially the Happy Panda restaurant."
"That's Ivy's grandparent's restaurant!" Grace couldn't help but get excited. Callie was connected to the girls in some way.
Callie smiled excitedly. "I can't wait to talk to her one day soon!"  
The girls continued to laugh and talk as the fire raged in a soothing way and the snack supply slowly vanished.
After a long time of talking, the girls' conversation began to die down. After a short silence, Callie said softly, "I just want to thank you girls for inviting me over and including me. No one, since I've been here, has ever asked me to do something with them outside of school."
Elizabeth and Grace reached over to hug Callie. "I'm gad you agreed to come over," Elizabeth smiled warmly.
"I know how you feel too," Grace told Callie. "When I moved here from Paris, the first few months were rough - it was helpful to have such inclusive friends around me."
Callie looked at Grace. "I'm so blessed to have friends like you."
There was a content silence for a time, before Elizabeth lightened the mood and exclaimed, "Pillow Fight Time!"
Grace and Elizabeth went wild with the pillows, as did Callie.
They laughed and swung puffy pillows back and forth towards each other, screaming loudly in excitement the whole time.
And soon later, they fell asleep in the cozy den, lit by the soft glow of the fire.
Their Day of Giving had been a success and had not just given to Callie, but the girls had gotten so much from it too.
That was Day #3 of A Month of Giving! Thanks for all the positive feedback, girls! I really appreciate it!
Don't forget that I continue to encourage everyone and their dolls to participate in A Month of Giving!
Happy Holidays to everyone!