An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Friday, November 22, 2013

Quick Photoshoot with Payton!

Today, Payton wanted to do a quick photoshoot before heading off to the library, so I agreed! It is kind of short, but still very cute! :)
Payton posed for the camera; she was feeling extra fashionable in her big blue bow.

During this photo shoot we experimented with different camera angles! 

Payton's shoes against the light hardwood floor
(they are from the Pretty Spring Dress)

Beautiful! (Doesn't she look kind of like Samantha in this picture - maybe they could be twins?)

This is what she looks like from the top; Payton and I thought this was a pretty neat angle; it is kind of like the view a bird flying over you would get!

This is the long one; we wanted to fit some of her fashion selections into the picture as well! As you may be able to tell, she is wearing the Blue Plaid Jumper with the blue shirt, and Lanie's Nature Accessories white denim jacket. It is getting chillier here, so she wanted to stay warm on her walk to the library!

This is another interesting angle, it mainly focuses on her bow, which we really like! :)
I will probably have some more photoshoots coming up - I am trying to practice my photography; I am in a photography contest. Go here to sign up:
Payton sent in her headshots today! She is very excited! (and so am I)