An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Found Memory Card, and A Trip!

So, I've been missing my original memory card to my camera for about 3 months now. Two trips were recorded on that memory card, so I was pretty excited to find it! The first trip was the Trip to AGP NY, but I'll post that one later, for now, I want to post the one that I took to FL and stopped by a place called Arcadia, FL. It is a small town, so a lot of people may not of heard it! We spent two days there, and I took my doll Jasmine with me (I couldn't take too much doll stuff either, so she is in one outfit for all the pictures!). Since the town is very historical, my doll and I both wore our 1800s clothes, and had a lot of fun. Here are pictures of my doll in some of the shops in the Historical District!
Here is a beautiful picture of Jasmine next to some pretty flowers that lined the walkway!
Another picture of Jasmine with the flowers, only with different lighting.

In a cool store, they had a place to sit and play checkers! The checkerboard was so authentic and placed on top of a barrel! Jasmine wanted to play a game of checkers, but we didn't have time to.

Then, we went into another store, with some really authentic looking school desks, and books! They are all the way from 1920 or something (I forget the exact era). It was a little bit big for Jasmine though....
Here, she is trying to read the text in a small book of spelling words...whoa, that print sure is tiny!

Then, in the next store, she found something that was more her size. She found her own table and chairs. They are really cool, don't you think?

A few stores, later, we came across a more modern store, where they had some pretty cool, neat, inventions and different products. They had a lot of handmade stuff too! Jasmine loved this handmade pinecone cat, so she used some of her money and brought it home to Ivy.

She also saw some cute Tape dispensers. She thought the frog one was especially creative, and bought a frog one for Lanie and a rooster one for Kanani.

After all that shopping, she sat to rest on a wonderful red, wooden, chair. It was quite comfortable. There was also a nice breeze.
Well, that's all the pictures from that trip......gosh, it is hard to believe it was all the way back in February/March, and I am just now finding the memory stick!

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